Lorraine Burroughs, Dona Croll Starring In ITV Drama 'Ice Cream Girls'
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Lorraine Burroughs, Dona Croll Starring In ITV Drama 'Ice Cream Girls'

nullFilming is currently underway in Dublin for the ITV dramatic adaptation of the international best selling novel, The Ice Cream Girls, published in 2010 by writer Dorothy Koomson.

Left Bank Pictures is producing.

From ITV:

"Lorraine Burroughs (DCI Banks, Lip Service, Spooks) and Jodhi May (The Scapegoat, The Jury, Strike Back) will play the lead roles of Serena Gorringe and Poppy Carlisle.

The story follows two vulnerable teenage girls, who in the summer of 1995 are accused of murdering their schoolteacher. For seventeen years, the two girls are forced to go their separate ways and lead very different lives.  But now in 2013, they are forced to confront each other and their dark, shared history.

While the drama plays out in the present, the events of that fateful summer unfold in flashback sequences. Had it not been for Serena’s teacher, Marcus, (played by Martin Compston), the two girls from very different backgrounds, might never have met.


 With a lawyer for a mother (Rachel, played by Dona Croll), Serena appears to be from the right side of the tracks; pretty and popular with a bright future.  Poppy, on the other hand, has never had the opportunities Serena takes for granted, and struggles through life with a disapproving stepfather who doesn’t want her around. 

 Fast-forward to modern day.  Serena is now married to GP Evan and they have their own 15-year-old daughter Vee.  They are back in the same seaside town for the first time, as they care for Serena’s dying mother.

 Poppy is living in quite different circumstances. Having served seventeen years for a crime she still insists she didn’t commit, she has only one thing on her mind… the truth. And if she didn’t kill Marcus, then who did?"


Ice Cream Girls sounds like a program I'll definitely be tuning into.

Burroughs was recently seen in this summer's Fast Girls, co-starring, and co-written by Noel Clarke.

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