Louis C.K. On Why He Cast A Black Actress To Be The Mother Of His White Kids In 'Louie;' But Who Is She?
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Louis C.K. On Why He Cast A Black Actress To Be The Mother Of His White Kids In 'Louie;' But Who Is She?


UPDATE 4:30PM: First, in response to my question below about who the actress is, Alison Willmore over at the mothership (indieWIRE) got the answer. The actress' name is Susan Kelechi Watson (photo with C.K. above). Not familiar? Neither was I, so I looked up her IMDB profile and saw that she's done a lot of TV, with parts in shows like The Good Wife, NCIS, Private Practice, and others. She's also done some work in film (she was in Jerry LaMothe's Blackout in 2007).

Secondly, in Alison's piece, C.K. talked specifically about Watson's casting and the fact that she's black, stating:

To me, the racial thing is like — when people probably first see her, their brains do a little bit of DNA map and go "I'm not sure I get how that would happen," and then I think with my show most people, they go "Oh, all right, just go ahead." And then they watch the scene. The thing that's important is what's getting said. I think that her performances are really compelling and I like what that character brings out in the stories and in me on the show. To me that trumped whatever… logistical notion. 

He says much more that I think is worth reading, so click over HERE to check out the rest of the piece.

My original post from earlier today follows below:

With what will likely be a comment/joke that stirs up some controversy, aside… What's really funny about this video revelation is that no one seems to know who the actress is that was cast in the part. I first heard the news via Huffington Post, where I also saw the clip; but within their article, there's no mention of who the actress is. 

So I searched the web, and saw that several other sites had picked up on HuffPo's story, but none of them had the answer to that question, nor did they even seem to wonder, because no one asked. 

I checked the show's Facebook page, Twitter, FX's website, sent a message on Facebook and on Twitter (no replies yet), but nothing about who this black actress is. 

Nothing on IMDB or IMDBPro either. 

Bizarre, right?

So as of right now, I guess her name is "Black Actress."

So I'm now wondering if she's supposed to be a secret until tomorrow night's season 3 debut – Thursday at 10:30PM ET on FX.

If anybody knows who the mystery black actress is, spill!

In the meantime… watch the clip below.

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