'Love & Marriage: Huntsville': Who Is Maurice Scott? Details On The Star And What He Does
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'Love & Marriage: Huntsville': Who Is Maurice Scott? Details On The Star And What He Does

Love and Marriage: Huntsville is a smash hit for OWN, but little has been said about Maurice Scott.

The latest scandals regarding the super-smash reality show have involved Scott’s co-star, Martell Holt, and his love life. As Shadow and Act Unscripted has recently reported, Holt split with his longtime wife, Melody Holt, and has taken up with Real Housewives of Atlanta star Sheree Whitfield.

While other Love and Marriage: Huntsville stars, like Maurice Scott, have seemed to stay out of the spotlight — comparatively speaking — “mess” seems to be Martell Holt’s middle name. MadameNoire recently reported that Holt’s most recent mistress, Arionne Curry, blasted him in a series of Instagram Stories.

“I was soooooooooo dumb! I hope your three daughters never run into a man like you,” she wrote. “My heart hurts for you and you still don’t get it! You could’ve moved on and kept it real but you lied about it!! Stop blaming me!!!!!!!!!!”

And she capped it off by revealing that she had a baby with Martell Holt while he was still married.

However, Maurice Scott doesn’t have as many headlines surrounding him as his Love and Marriage: Huntsville co-star. Here are four things you need to know about him.  

He's an attorney

Maurice Scott keeps his business handled. According to his Instagram page, he’s an attorney who specializes in credit repair and identity theft.


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Maurice Scott married his wife, Kimmi, during the first season of 'Love and Marriage: Huntsville'

The couple, however, have been together for 10 years, even though they’ve only been married for seven years. And, for the most part, their relationship is pretty drama-free.

He's been married before

Though this is Kimmi’s first marriage, Maurice Scott has been married before. And he told The Grio that part of the growth process was to learn how to be a better husband.

“You know, she was stuck in her ways about certain things, and I was kind of stuck in my ways,” he said to the outlet. “And I think that it brought her a level of success and taught me how to appreciate her side as well. So I think growth, from my perspective, is being committed past [any] problems.”

And he's in business with his co-stars

Maurice Scott is part of The Comeback Group with his Love and Marriage: Huntsville co-stars. The point of the collective is to revitalize the city of Huntsville, Alabama, and the show follows the collective’s quest to make everything in their lives — both business and personal — work.

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