'Lovecraft Country': Beyond C'est Captivates Viewers In Powerful 'I Am' Episode
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'Lovecraft Country': Beyond C'est Captivates Viewers In Powerful 'I Am' Episode

The latest episode of Lovecraft Country, “I Am,” gave fans an explosion of Afrofuturism, women’s empowerment and excitement. Fans especially responded to the interdimensional being Beyond C’est, who gave fans nods to cultural icons, popular characters and even Queen Bey herself.

Shannon Houston, writer for the series, tweeted that Beyond C’est’s dress referenced Brazilian star Elza Soares, also known as the Queen of Samba.

Fans were also quick to note that Beyond C’est’s name sounds eerily similar to Beyonce.

Fans also likened Beyond C’est to Garnet, one of the main characters of Steven Universe, voiced by singer/actress Estelle.

Overall, fans, especially Black women, were excited about seeing Black women showcased in their full glory.

Fan reaction lines up with what Aunjanue Ellis told Shadow And Act about the episode. “Hippolyta, up until this point, she’s been presented as this woman who’s a wonderful, supportive wife, loving aunt and mother, so she’s felt trapped in these roles that she plays in her house and in her community,” Ellis said. “I think Hippolyta is one of those women who’s was one of these pillars of the block. She’s making cakes…and pies for the block party, people come to her for support and solace, a laugh…but she’s an astronomer in repressive 1950s America. So she wants to break out of that trap and Episode Seven we see her search…for her husband, but really what she’s in search of is herself.”


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