'Lovecraft Country': Was Emmett Till In The Ouija Board Scene From Episode 3?
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'Lovecraft Country': Was Emmett Till In The Ouija Board Scene From Episode 3?

Viewers of Lovecraft Country‘s third episode, “Holy Ghost,” were shocked to find that among the various nods to Black historical figures, including a young Gil Scott-Heron (Maceo Smedley) and James Baldwin (Keon Rahzeem Mitchell), there was a young boy named Bobo, the nickname used for Emmett Till.

In the scene featuring Gil, Atticus’ (Jonathan Majors) niece Diana (Jada Harris) and their friends playing with a Ouija board, Bobo asks the spirits if he will have a good time on his upcoming trip.” The spirits quickly and pointedly answer back, No.” As we know from history, Till’s fated trip to the south ended with him being brutally killed for the “offense” of whistling at a white woman, which happened to be a complete lie.

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed the send-up to Till and responded with shock, sadness, and awe.

What did you think about Lovecraft Country‘s reference to Till? Let us know in the comments below.

Lovecraft Country airs Sundays on HBO.



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