'Lovecraft Country': The Brilliant Topsy and Bopsy From Episode 8 Are Giving Us Nightmares
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'Lovecraft Country': The Brilliant Topsy and Bopsy From Episode 8 Are Giving Us Nightmares

Lovecraft Country‘s latest episode, “Jig-A-Bobo,” thoroughly creeped viewers out with its newest monsters, pickaninny demons Topsy and Bopsy.

The two demons, who only Diana (Jada Harris) can see, haunt her after she is cursed by Captain Lancaster, one of the Sons of Adam. Topsy, a character in Uncle Tom’s Cabin used to depict the pickaninny stereotype, come to life (along with her friend Topsy) after Diana drops the book.

Twitter was on fire with reactions, with the consensus being that viewers were going to go without sleep in fear of the two characters.

Fans also gave tons of credit to dancers/actors Bianca Brewton and Kaelynn Gobert-Harris, who portrayed the two monsters.

Both Brewton and Gobert-Harris wrote about their experiences on Instagram.

“I’m so emotional,” wrote Harris. “Thank you, GOD.”

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I’m so emotional ???? ….. Thank you , GOD

A post shared by Kaelynn”KK”Gobert-Harris (@kaelynnharris) on Oct 4, 2020 at 7:28pm PDT

“Backstory…I was given a task to embody this character by [creative consultant/director of choreography Jamaica Craft] & [choreographer Draico],” wrote Brewton in her caption for her post, which showed a snippet of a vintage blackface routine. “At first I was discouraged, because it was such a heavy part. But, eventually I felt empowered knowing that African Americans were so DAMN DOPE that [t]hey couldn’t resist imitating us. With that said I’m HONORED that I was given this opportunity to play BOPSY.”

What did you think of Topsy and Bopsy?


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