Luenell And Leslie Jones Squash Long-Standing Beef While Filming 'Coming 2 America'
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Luenell And Leslie Jones Squash Long-Standing Beef While Filming 'Coming 2 America'

Coming 2 America is set to reunite audiences with the beloved characters from the first film. But, it also reunited comedians Luenell and Leslie Jones, who have had a years-long feud before coming to set.

Luenell told Comedy Hype that their feud started from their days of touring with Katt Williams. Luenell called the feud a “[b]ig misunderstanding.”

“Leslie wasn’t speaking to me period on the sed of the film,” she said. “…We had to play sisters. We had to speak to each other. And actually, production came to me and asked me would I please take her to the side and work out whatever angst it was that she was feeling about me at the time. So I went to her and told her, at her leisure, would she have a conversation with me. She said, ‘Aight.’ But that still never happened.”

Other people seemingly spoke to Jones, because when Luenell arrived to set one day, Jones acted much nicer.

“…[S]ome issues had been resolved on set. She was much more pleasant to work with,” said Luenell. “I told her that it was nice to work with her that day, in the mood that she was in. And we began a conversation. We went back and covered some of the issues that were bothering her from back in the day and we were able to go ahead and shoot some great scenes. We’re still not going to go out and kick it. But at least we won’t have to roll our eyes and avoid each other when we’re in a room now.”

Hopefully none of that tension will be detectable when Coming 2 America premieres on Amazon Prime March 5.

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