"Luther" Season 2 Debuts In The UK This Month! Here Come The YouTube Uploads...
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"Luther" Season 2 Debuts In The UK This Month! Here Come The YouTube Uploads...

Just about every time I talk about the series, I tend to focus primarily on its USA audience, seeming to forget that it is first and foremost a BBC UK series, and not an American-made product.

So, while we’ve been reminding you of Luther’s season 2 debut date here in the USA (October 5), I’ve neglected to inform our UK audience that season 2 begins much sooner for them – June 14th, just a couple of weeks away, on BBC One!

Then again, many of you in the UK probably already knew that; but just in case… now you know.

And with that piece of news, just as episodes of other UK programs yet to make it to the USA have been recorded and uploaded to video sharing sites like YouTube, I fully expect the same thing to happen to episodes of Luther season 2, which means, the impatient not living in the UK will be able to follow the series online. Not the way the BBC would like it to happen, and I expect that they’ll challenge those illegal uploads… or maybe not.

But, anyway, Luther season 2 debuts in the UK on June 14th and in the USA on October 5th, a good 4 months later, during which anything is possible.

Here’s a promo:

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