Mario Van Peebles Ties A Woman to a Chair in "Tied To A Chair" - Opening This Weekend
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Mario Van Peebles Ties A Woman to a Chair in "Tied To A Chair" - Opening This Weekend

Peculiar-looking film here which Mario Van Peebles and Robert Gossett co-star in titled Tied To A Chair, which I just learned opens in New York this weekend.

Apparently, the movie, written and directed by Michael Bergmann, at a cost of $800,000, according to its IMDB page, has been around since 2009, playing the film festival circuit since then, and will now be getting what looks like a 1-week theatrical run at Big Cinemas in New York.

There’s a really long synopsis on the film’s website (HERE), but I found a shorter summary, courtesy of a Village Voice review of the film, which says that the it “details the high-wire adventures that engulf mistake-prone housewife Naomi (Bonnie Loren) after she ditches her British husband to pursue her long-discarded acting aspirations. That mission takes her to the Cannes Film Festival, where she demands to be the lead in faded-star Billy Rust’s (Mario Van Peebles) new project, which he views as a sell-out (the script was written by a computer program) that will hopefully kickstart his career, and which would require Naomi to be bound to a chair – a situation she mystifyingly refers to as “every woman’s dream.”

The few reviews I’ve come across are split down the middle; some seemed to really like it; others, the complete opposite.

But watch the trailer for yourselves…

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