'Love & Marriage: Huntsville': Martell Holt Facts, Including Relationships, Education And More
Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

'Love & Marriage: Huntsville': Martell Holt Facts, Including Relationships, Education And More

Martell Holt — the breakout star of Love and Marriage: Huntsville — just might be the messiest man on reality television today.

The sad thing is, the star of the super-smash OWN reality show lived a pretty low-key life prior to this most recent season.

He was a real estate investor and a college graduate who had teamed up with two of his friends to revitalize the city of Huntsville, Alabama. And it was this idea that caught the attention of the Oprah Winfrey-backed network in the first place.

But when Martell Holt started getting a higher profile — when the Love and Marriage: Huntsville star started hobnobbing with reality TV royalty — all of his mess came to the forefront.

And that cost him his relationship with his wife, Melody Holt.

Let’s take a look at what we know about this messy reality star.

Martell Holt is extremely intelligent

According to his official website, Martell Holt graduated from Alabama A&M University with a degree in education, then taught at Sparkman Middle School until 2010. To ensure his real estate business would continue to thrive, he also took courses at the National School of Real Estate before co-founding Holt & Holt Enterprises.

He was married to his 'Love and Marriage: Huntsville' co-star for years

In 2008, Martell Holt and Melody Shari got married. And though they were together for many years, his constant infidelity caused them to split up. And, as she told TMZ, she had no idea that her now-ex-husband and “RHOA” star Sheree Whitfield were dating until she found out about it on the Internet — the same way everyone else did.

Kandi Burruss is not a fan

Kandi Burruss of “RHOA” has never been one to hold her tongue — and as she recently shared in an interview on Atlanta’s V-103 radio station, she believes Martell Holt is using her friend Sheree Whitfield for publicity. In the interview, she claimed that Holt came to her restaurant, Blaze, early in 2022 with an unnamed friend of hers, hoping that “the blogs” would post pictures of him out and about with her.

“But no blog really posted,” she told the outlet. “My whole point was now that I see this similar situation, I’m like is he doing this? Is he genuine or is he doing the same thing that he was doing to the other person?”

And he got put on blast by his ex-mistress

As Shadow and Act Unscripted recently reported, Martell Holt’s ex-mistress Arionne Curry recently put him on blast — with receipts! — after he went public with his relationship with Sheree Whitfield.

And needless to say, she had nothing nice to say.

“F*ck you, Martell Holt,” she wrote. “You made me like this; it took two seasons [of Love & Marriage: Huntsville] of you discussing me every episode to make [Melody] famous and she left you to even say something. I was sooooooo dumb! I hope your 3 daughters never run into a man like you! My heart hurts for you and you still don’t get it! You could’ve moved on and kept it real but you lied about it! Stop placing blame on me!!!!!!!!!! I was loyal to you, you went and got an old b*tch. Best of luck to you! Still a narcissist, manipulator trying to make this my fault. Bye, don’t email me unless it’s about [our child]! We have nothing to talk about. My closure was seeing you on the blogs; yours will be seeing me with my new man.”