Martin Lawrence Accused Of Almost Giving Actor A Concussion On The Set Of 'Martin'
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Martin Lawrence Accused Of Almost Giving Actor A Concussion On The Set Of 'Martin'

Actor/comedian Chris Williams gave his Instagram followers a wild journey with a story he told about working with Martin Lawrence on the set of Martin.

In his lengthy Feb. 16 Instagram post that has recently gone viral on Twitter, Williams–the younger brother of Vanessa Williams–detailed what it was like working with the comedian, which, according to him, was a terrible experience.

“This was one of my first guest star roles back in the ’90s[,]” he wrote. “It was an interesting experience for many reasons: I auditioned and got the job, but on the DAY I was shooting, I had to have an ‘extra’ audition JUST for the egomanical Martin Lawrence…It was confusing because I had already been given the job and this was one of my first experiences so I just went along with it.”

“Then when we were on set, he yelled at the person bringing him a NEW water because he had taken a sip out of the last one and had someone following him around with a fan. I had never seen a ‘star’ treat people so rudely,” he continued.

He also detailed what it was like shooting the final scene shown in the Instagram post. In the scene, Lawrence is supposed to be beating up a mannequin. But, as Williams wrote, “out of nowhere I feel the dummy land on me and with all of his weight jumped on me and my head slammed into the ground. I was dazed and confused and almost had a concussion. I didn’t know what was happening.”

After the scene ended, Williams wrote that crew members came over to him to help him on his feet.

“[They] said: “don’t worry about him. You are just being too funny,” he continued.

During the second take, Williams adjusted his position to be able to see when Lawrence would be coming toward him. But this time, Williams wrote, Lawrence punched Williams twice after punching the mannequin.

“This was my first lesson in my acting career that you need to take care of yourself and speak up when someone does something unprofessional. Which I did not,” he wrote. “I didn’t know any better. I’ll never forget that day and as you can tell I am NOT a fan of his.”

Williams also included another incident with Lawrence while Williams was working the entrance at a club owned by his brother-in-law. Lawrence again tried to belittle him, but he was forced to apologize.

This isn’t the first time stories from the set of Martin have made it to the public. Tisha Campbell famously quit acting in the same scenes with Lawrence after allegations of sexual harassment. According to iHeart Radio, Lawrence told GQ that he ended Martin in 1997 due to those allegations, and only recently have Campbell and Lawrence been back on speaking terms.

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