Marvel Hopes to Release a New Netflix Series Every 6 Months - Including 'Luke Cage' & 'The Defenders' of Course
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Marvel Hopes to Release a New Netflix Series Every 6 Months - Including 'Luke Cage' & 'The Defenders' of Course

The DefendersMarvel characters here! Marvel characters there! Marvel characters everywhere!

Netflix announced at the Television Critics Association (TCA) summer gathering earlier today, that it will be releasing a new Marvel superhero series every six months (in addition to the dozen or so Marvel movies that are scheduled to be released over the next 5 years; and let’s not the other dozen that will come from the Warner Bros/DC Comics union).

Of course you’ll recall that Marvel and Netflix previously teamed up to bring five separate superhero franchises to the streaming service, focusing on a group of comic book heroes called The Defenders – a kind of street-level Avengers team.

The first in the series, "Daredevil," premiered earlier this year to rave reviews (even grumpy old me enjoyed it). Up next will be the Jessica Jones series, whose release is still currently undated. Although Chief Content Officer at Netflix, Ted Sarandos, shared at TCA today that the streaming platform will debut “Jessica Jones” by the end of 2015, which is inline with its announced "every 6 months" release strategy. Given that "Daredevil" premiered in April, I’d look for "Jessica Jones" (which, by the way, features Luke Cage) during the last quarter of the year – some time in October through December. 

And after "Jessica Jones," Iron Fist and Luke Cage series will follow in 2016.

But that’s not all!

Each of the above 4 series will be supplemented by a "Defenders" series whose characters include all 4 characters: Daredevil, Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage. They will join forces in a combined “Defenders” season after each has been introduced with its own first season, which I’d assume will come in 2017 or 2018.

Netflix’s Sarandos also acknowledged the possibility of a spin-off on “Daredevil” villain, The Punisher, to be played by Jon Bernthal, who will appear in season 2 of “Daredevil.”

“That’s the beauty of the Marvel universe,” Sarandos said.

Indeed it is… cha-ching!

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