Meet Han Solo's Black Wife...
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Meet Han Solo's Black Wife...

nullSo it turns out that Star Wars’ loveable rogue, Han Solo, had a wife during his romance with Princess Leia – and, oh, by the way, she was black (at least, from what I gather according to the images provided above and below).

A new comic book (the 6th issue of Marvel Entertainment’s new "Star Wars" comic) designed to fill in the gaps between 1977’s "Star Wars" and its 1980 sequel "The Empire Strikes Back," reveals this little bit of news, which, as I’m just learning, has made waves among diehard fans of "Star Wars", because, thanks to a decision made earlier this year by new owner Disney, it is considered canonical. So, suddenly, the Han Solo that will appear in JJ Abrams’ upcoming "The Force Awakens" movie this December, now has an even more disreputable history.

She’s introduced as Sana Solo in "Star Wars" No. 6, and, as you can seen, she seems a little upset. Princess Leia isn’t too thrilled with the news either. Apparently, fans were left with this cliffhanger without much explanation in this comic issue, so she could be sticking around, to appear in upcoming issues of the franchise. And, who knows, maybe this introduction might lead to the character appearing in any one of the upcoming core "Star Wars" movies, or spin-off films based on individual characters, or planned TV series also based on individual characters. 

So all we can do now is wait to see how this new development unfolds from here-on, even if only in the comics.

Han Solo is evidently even more of a cad than you initially thought…

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