Meet Lakisha R. Lemons - Black Female Director Of Upcoming Horror/Thriller "Border Break"
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Meet Lakisha R. Lemons - Black Female Director Of Upcoming Horror/Thriller "Border Break"

Lakisha R. Lemons is her name, and I’m only just now learning about her – a director who, as you can clearly see, happens to be young, black and female, and, by the way, has 3 features on her resume; none of which I’ve heard of, and thus, not seen. But maybe some of you have. If so, feel free to chime in with your thoughts on her work.

The 27-year-old Ms Lemons is the sole founder of LL Productions, LLC, a Texas based film/TV production company.

After a 2005 short film, she’s since directed 3 feature films – Rent a Car (2010), Be My Teacher (2011 – both released on DVD via Maverick Entertainment), and her most recent effort, a horror/thriller titled Border Break, which is currently in post-production.

The synopsis for Border Break reads:

In 2010, Janet Taylor went to Cancun, Mexico with her friends for Spring Break. She’s been missing ever since… Susan Taylor hires a film crew to find answers regarding the disappearance of her daughter Janet. Documenting all the evidence and testimonies from key people in the case, the film crew develops a re-enactment of Janet’s departure to Mexico and the events that occurred shortly afterwards.

The trailer for Border Break follows below. And while I can’t say that I’m immediately taken with the few clips I’ve seen of Ms Lemons’ work thus far, I can’t help but pay attention to her hustle, with 3 features already done; the first 2 released; the 3rd in post. And she’s still under 30 years old. Also, in a time when financiers are a little tighter with their spending, the budgets for Lakisha’s film have increased with each outing, from $45,000 for the first one, to $100,000 for the 3rd. So, she must be doing something right!

But we’ll reach out to her so that we can learn more (here’s the Border Break trailer):

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