Meet the Amazing Zuriel Oduwole - The Youngest Professional Filmmaker in the World Today
Photo Credit: S & A

Meet the Amazing Zuriel Oduwole - The Youngest Professional Filmmaker in the World Today

nullThe young

woman above is 12 year old Zuriel Oduwole, who lives in California, but was born

in Nigeria, and who happens to be, not only a political journalist and

interviewer, but is currently the youngest professional working filmmaker

in the world today.

She started

out 3 years ago, at the age of 9, interviewing presidents and prime ministers

in Kenya, Liberia, South Sudan and Jamaica among other countries, and celebrities, such as the Williams sisters. And, on top of that, she is still, to date, the youngest

person in the world to be featured in Forbes Africa, was named one of the

world’s 100 most powerful individuals by Business Insider magazine, invited to attend the African Union’s 50th

anniversary conference, selected as Global Brand Ambassador for Ethiopian

Airlines, and Heritage Bank’s Financial Literacy Ambassador in Nigeria.

And that’s just the beginning…

She makes it

clear with everything she does, and every opportunity she has to speak, that her

goal is to inspire young black women such as herself, and that she is  “concerned

that not every girl has a right to get an education or a chance to accomplish

her dreams like she does."

Now she has

added to her very impressive resume (more impressive than 90% of most adults

wouldn’t you say) that of a documentary filmmaker.

Her feature

doc, "A Promising Africa," her fourth one to date, was released last November at

the Film House Cinema theater chain in Lagos, and will open this month in

London. This makes her currently the youngest filmmaker in the world to have

her film shown in a commercial movie theater.

Now, just to make

it clear, before some wise guy commenter jumps in, Ms. Oduwole is not the

youngest professional filmmaker in history. That credit, according to the

Guinness Book of World Records, goes to Indian filmmaker Kishan Shrikanth, who started out as a child actor and directed

his first theatrically-released film, "Care of Footpath," in India, when he was 10.

Now he’s a veteran, at the age of 19, with several films to his credit, which makes

Ms. Oduwole the youngest professional filmmaker in the world today.

But no

matter, Ms Oduwole is a true inspiration, and if she can’t get us motivated to

make our own films, then who can?

You can find

out more about her on her website HERE; and here’s a TV news segment about her

from last year:


And an interview with her on British TV from last month: