Michael B. Jordan On Filming His First Nude Scene For 'A Journal For Jordan': 'If You Overthink It, You Won't Do It'
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Michael B. Jordan On Filming His First Nude Scene For 'A Journal For Jordan': 'If You Overthink It, You Won't Do It'

Michael B. Jordan takes on his first nude scene in the recently-released drama film, A Journal for Jordan. The Denzel Washington-directed film also stars Chanté Adams and ” is based on the true story of Sergeant Charles Monroe King (Jordan), a soldier deployed to Iraq who begins to keep a journal of love and advice for his infant son.”

Jordan explained to Yahoo! Entertainment that as sexy as his nude scene appeared, it was done tastefully and respectfully. “It was very respectful, obviously, with nudity or anything like that. The closed sets and everybody does everything humanly possible to make sure that actors are safe and comfortable and all that good stuff. But you’ve just got to go for it actually. If you overthink it, you won’t do it.”

Adams added, “Any time you film a love scene and it’s done properly it’s a closed set. It’s only the people that absolutely need to be there. … They want to make it as intimate as possible but also protect the actors. Of course, we knew it was going to be a very fun scene for everyone else, but as actors and as people coming to work that day, we have to treat it as something very serious. And we always do!”

The idea partially came from Denzel Washington

“Maryse Alberti was our DP, our director of photography, and there’s this story that Denzel tells that during this intimate, love-making scene,” Jordan said. “He was like ‘As a woman, where would you want to put the camera? How do you photograph this?’… and she was like ‘On Michael B.’s butt’ and I was like ‘Aight!'”

Jordan also told Entertainment Weekly about the scene, stating, “I knew there was a version of that coming. I didn’t know exactly the shot. I didn’t know exactly what it was gonna be, but me and Denzel, we joked and messed around about that as we were getting ready for that scene.’

Ultimately, the actor says he came to the conclusion that this was a film that he’d want to do a scene like this for.

“You wanna save those moments of being vulnerable for the right project. To make sure it’s sophisticated, it’s elevated to the right level, when you’re gonna reveal yourself like that. And yeah, this was the one for me.”

Jordan talked to S&A about the film last month

Shadow and Act also spoke to Jordan about the film last month ahead of its release.

He told us that the film actually inspired him to make changes in the interpersonal relationships in his own life.

“Sometimes we forget, in our day-to-day struggle or our day-to-day journey or that day-to-day grind, the importance of time and how precious it is,” he said. “Spend time with the people that you love and you care about and make sure they feel it because tomorrow isn’t promised. It made me go back to my own personal life and my own relationships and family and friends to make sure that I loved them a bit harder [to] make them feel it when I’m around. That’s what I took away from this story.”

A Journal for Jordan is in theaters now.