Michael B. Jordan On How Lauren London Helped Aid His Acting In 'Without Remorse'
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Michael B. Jordan On How Lauren London Helped Aid His Acting In 'Without Remorse'

From the days of Hardball to Fruitvale Station, the Creed franchise, Just Mercy, Black Panther and Michael B. Jordan’s has captivated Hollywood for years — and his role in Without Remorse was no different.

However, Jordan refuses to take all the credit for his recent role in the Amazon film. In a recent interview on Jemele Hill’s Jemelle is Unbothered Podcast, Jordan credits his co-star Lauren London’s “transparency” with mourning the tragic loss of Nipsey Hussle as an aid that helped him to become a better actor in Without Remorse.

In Without Remorse, Jordan plays John Clark, an ex-Navy SEAL, whose skill set lands him as a target by the very people that employed him. Seeking to cover up their wrongdoings, Clark becomes public enemy No. 1 and must be terminated. In a botched murder attempt, Clark’s pregnant wife played by Lauren London is murdered. Avenging her death, Clark becomes ruthless and does not stop until the truth is out.

Jordan shared, “I think it was very emotional. I think we wanted to be aware and sensitive with that and how we shot some of those scenes.”

He continued, “But also her [London’s] sharing her experience with me and having pretty lengthy conversations about grief and suffering and what that looks and feels like really helped me get to a certain place as a character. She was really transparent about [grief], and I was extremely grateful for that. She’s very talented and has so much to give.”

Jordan also shared that this role was therapeutic for London, who was entered back into her craft shortly after losing Hussle.

“Wanting this to be a little therapeutic note for her as an artist is sometimes our space to vent and express ourselves in a certain type of way, and she felt like it was time for her to do that,” he continued. “So, I just kind of lined up where she was in her life and this project.”

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