Michael Ealy Goes Dark! Will Play Ryan Hardy's Brilliant, Chameleon-Like Killer Nemesis in 'The Following' Season 3
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Michael Ealy Goes Dark! Will Play Ryan Hardy's Brilliant, Chameleon-Like Killer Nemesis in 'The Following' Season 3

nullWhoa! This should be quite a meaty role for Michael Ealy, and a definite switch from what we’re used to seeing him play.

"The Following" is actually one of the few shows on TV that I watch religiously. Despite the occasional annoyance, I love its dark, twisted nature, in telling the story of the physical and psychological battle between two foes who see each other as the other’s compliment, and, for a time, seemed to be forever connected. When I first read the log-line, and knowing that it was on Fox, which tends to be the edgiest of broadcast TV networks, I had to check it out: "A brilliant and charismatic, yet psychotic serial killer communicates with other active serial killers, and activates a cult of believers following his every command."

Meanwhile, on the side of the divide, the internally tormented, determined and impulsive copper who will stop at nothing to track him down, and bring him to justice.

Kevin Bacon plays the cop (named Ryan Hardy), and James Purefoy, the psycho (who goes by Joe Carroll). Both perfectly-suited in their respective roles. Of course there’s also a woman between them, to only complicate matters, but I’ll let you discover the series on your own, if you’re curious. 

For the show’s upcoming 3rd season, TV Line is reporting that Michael Ealy will be Kevin Bacon’s cop character’s new nemesis, who’s described as a "brilliant, chameleon-like" murderer who’ll test Ryan Hardy’s limits, just when you thought his limits had already been pushed beyond anything reasonable.

As already noted, this should be a really plump role for Ealy, being the series’ new main villain, and a chance for him to do something entirely different for a change, playing character, likely somewhat similar to Joe Carroll, with the looks and charm, as well as brilliant and chameleon-like, who, by the way, is also a serial killer. It’s definitely what I’d call a step in the right direction, as it should be a challenge, which is a good thing. Whether his fans are ready to see him in that light, remains to be seen. Although he just might gain a few more, if all goes well.  

Fox must really want to keep him "in the family" as this news comes after the network canceled Ealy’s last series-regular gig, in the sci-fi drama, "Almost Human," which I actually enjoyed for the most part.

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