Michael Jai White Is Double-Barreled In First Look At 'Codename: Falcon'
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Michael Jai White Is Double-Barreled In First Look At 'Codename: Falcon'


Hollywood has never fully realized his potential as an action hero, so it’s always good to see Michael Jai White in movies that highlight what he does best – kick arse!

Oh, and he can act too, by the way.

Last September, we brought you news that White had signed on to star in what is expected to be an action movie franchise from Moonstone Entertainment, titled Codename: Falcon. The franchise will revolve around a former marine named John “Falcon” Chapman, described as a “dark anti-hero driven by guilt, who will destroy himself unless given something else to destroy,” making him “a useful weapon-of-last-resort for the foreign ministry.

The first film in the franchise, titled Favela, was in pre-production at the time of that announcement, and, from a tweet White posted earlier today, it looks like the production on the project is definitely underway, with White sharing the below image, accompanied by the following caption:

FAVELA is the type of movie I’ve waited to do my entire career. Get ready folks cause this first of what’s to come.

Alright now!

What’s Favela about? From production company, Moonstone Entertainment:

The first movie, FAVELA, sees Chapman traveling to Brazil to hunt down his sister’s killers, in the process discovering an underground world of drugs, prostitution, and police corruption ruled by the Japanese mafia.

Isaac Florentine (who’s directed several straight-to-video action movies with *name* actors) is directing Favela. So I suppose we could assume that Favela will likely also be a straight-to-video release. 

Or maybe not… We’ll see.

Moonstone’s plans are to produce about one Falcon movie a year, following Chapman as he is sent to exotic locations all over the world, to do the “foreign ministry’s” dirty work.

No release ETA for Favela yet.

And no trailer yet either, although I’m sure one will come in time; but here’s the full image White shared on Twitter earlier today:

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