Michael Jai White Talks Fantasy Series 'Métal Hurlant Chronicles' + Debut Date Announced
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Michael Jai White Talks Fantasy Series 'Métal Hurlant Chronicles' + Debut Date Announced


Announced at the last MIPCom (the annual TV and entertainment market held in Cannes in October) in 2011, Michael Jai White co-stars (alongside Rutger Hauer, Scott Adkins, Joe Flanigan and James Marsters) in a live-action TV series adaptation of the Métal Hurlant Chronicles fantasy comics magazine.

France-based WE Productions, and Panini U.K. Media are behind the sci-fi adventure series which was previously shopped around, with the first 2 seasons (12 episodes for each – or 24 total) already ordered, which were to be delivered in Spring 2012 (season 1) and then November 2012 (season 2), but, as of right now, haven't aired anywhere yet.

Skip ahead almost a year later, since we last wrote about this, with news that the series will finally make its worldwide debut in France first, sfter having been sold to a number of international territories – primarily in Europe, starting, of course, with France, its original home.

Will the series travel? We would assume so, given the talent in front of the camera , and how familiar they are with Stateside audiences. But who knows. It depends on whether a US-based network is interested enough to pick the series up…. *A-HEM*… the SyFy channel would probably be approriate.

Guillaume Lubrano is series director, which will be in both French and English.

We should note that Métal Hurlant (which literally translates as Howling Metal) is the French originator of what we know as Heavy Metal fantasy comics magazine, here in the west.

It'll make its world premiere in France, on October 27; so our readers in that country will get to see it before anyone else (feel free to email me with your thoughts if you do watch).

And ahead of that debut, the cast are doing the press tour thing; I came across this interview with Michael Jai White and co-star Scott Adkins, talking about the series, their involvement in it, and sci-fi in general.

First, watch a preview of Métal Hurlant Chronicles the series below; and underneath you'll find the interview.

Rencontre avec Michael Jai White VS Scott Adkins from Scifi-universe on Vimeo.

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