Michel Ocelot's Lauded 'Tales Of The Night' Opens For 1 Week At IFC Starting 9/26 (Trailer)
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Michel Ocelot's Lauded 'Tales Of The Night' Opens For 1 Week At IFC Starting 9/26 (Trailer)


Opening tomorrow at IFC Center cinemas here in NYC, for 1 WEEK ONLYstarting tomorrow, Wednesday, September 25, 2013is celebrated French animator, Michel Ocelot's recent feature film, Tales Of The Night

Ocelot fans will already be familiar with his sparkling stories and imagery from previous features like the Kirikou feanchise of films, which we've covered a lot on S&A, with the latest film in the series, Kirikou et les hommes et les femmes (Kirikou And The Men And Women), scheduled to hit theaters in 2013.

Tales of the Night is Ocelot's first 3D feature and centers on a cinema, two children and a projectionist who meet every night to act out various tales set in various imaginary places, populated with all kinds of characters, like sorcerers, fairies, dragons, talking animals, kings and queens, and more.

Considered an instant classic and a visual delight for both young and old, some of these tales of the night featured in the film include: the Caribbean tale Ti-Jean and Beauty Not-Known, set in "the land of the dead;" Tom-Tom Boy, described as an African fable about an enchanted instrument and its virtuoso; the Tibetan The Boy Who Never Lied, about an innocent whose honesty is tested; and 3 others… 6 in all, and all in 3D.

Praise has been showered on the collective feature work, from "exquisitely detailed" to "bursting with color and kaleidoscopic patterns," to "Mr. Ocelot invigorates them with lyricism" and more, with each tale of the night reportedly ending with ironic twists.

You have 1 week to see the film at IFC, starting tomorrow, Wednesday, September 25, 2013.

Watch the trailer below for a glimpse at what to expect (and a full description of each of the 6 tales underneath):

Here's a description of all the tales:

‘The Werewolf’

Ocelot riffs on a familiar theme in fairytales, transformation. A handsome horseman marries a woman because he mistakenly believes she was the one who sent him gifts while he was in prison. So he reveals his terrible secret to her on their wedding day.

‘Ti-Jean and Beauty Not-Known’

Young Ti Jean breezes into the Land of the Dead and finds himself faced with an impossible set of tasks by the King of the Underworld. Can Ti Jean win the hand of the King’s daughter Beauty Not-Known? Does the laid back young adventurer even care?

‘The Chosen One of the City of Gold’

A stranger is appalled to find the beautiful women of the City of Gold are all sad. The reason for this soon becomes clear. They are to be sacrificed to a mysterious creature which keeps the city intact. The stranger resolves to end this barbaric practice once and for all but must face down both the monster and the people who follow it.

‘Tom-Tom Boy’

Tom-Tom annoys the hell out of the villagers in his small African town by using makeshift objects as drums. When an old man teaches him to use a magic drum he finds he has the power to make people dance.

‘The Boy Who Never Lied’

A boy with a talking horse has a reputation for always being honest. The King of Tibet place a bet with his cousin on that the boy will never tell a lie no matter what. The cousin gets his daughter to play a cruel trick on the boy and tries to manipulate him into lying.

‘The Girl-Doe and the Architect’s Son’

A sorcerer turns a woman into a doe in front of her lover. So he embarks on a quest to find The Caress Fairy who can turn his love back into a human again.

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