Michelle Hurd Joins Patrick Stewart In Upcoming 'Star Trek' Picard Series
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Michelle Hurd Joins Patrick Stewart In Upcoming 'Star Trek' Picard Series

The Star Trek Capt. Picard series starring Patrick Stewart is shaping up!

Michelle Hurd has been cast as a series regular alongside Stewart. Santiago Cabrera has also joined as a series regular. There’s no word yet on who their characters are or what roles they play in Picard’s life.

What we do know is information about Picard; according to Alex Kurtzman’s interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Picard has been “radically altered by the dissolution of the Romulan Empire,” the result of a catastrophe as depicted in the 2009 Star Trek reboot.

Kurtzman also revealed that Stewart only wanted to sign on if he could challenge viewers with what they think they know about Picard.

“He threw down an amazing gauntlet and said, ‘If we do this, I want it to be so different, I want it to be both what people remember but also not what they’re expecting at all, otherwise why do it?'” said Kurtzman.

News of Hurd and Cabrera’s casting is the latest to come from CBS regarding the Picard series. It was recently announced that Hanelle Culpepper would direct the pilot and second episodes, making her the first woman in the franchise’s 53-year history to launch a Star Trek series.

Hurd starred as Lacey for CBS’s Cagney and Lacey reboot last pilot season, but it did not make it to series.


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