Mike Epps Will Play Gunslinger Against Kat Williams As 'Mexican Bandit' Leader In 'Blazin Four'
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Mike Epps Will Play Gunslinger Against Kat Williams As 'Mexican Bandit' Leader In 'Blazin Four'


They’re calling it a Blazing Saddles-style action comedy; let me know if you’re buying or selling this one.

Titled Blazin Four, the indie action comedy will star comedians Mike Epps and Katt Williams in a story that will follow a ragtag group of gunslingers who are hired to protect a small town from invading Mexican bandits. 

nullI had to check twice to make sure that I actually read that correctly – “Mexican bandits.” I guess we haven’t quite moved past that stereotype on film. You can trace the crooked, lazy so-called “Mexican bandit” back to the early days of silent cinema – and even then, Mexicans didn’t approve of the *type*.

Further, as Deadline states, Mike Epps will play a lowlife preacher named Noah, who takes the protector gig in the hopes of finding redemption. And Kat Williams will play the menacing leader of the Mexican bandits. 

Found as a baby on a Mexican family’s doorstep, El Loco has no idea he is African American, and none of his posse has the nerve to tell him that.

The character’s name is El Loco (of course, what would he be called, right?).

Naturally, hijinx and hilarity ensure.

The producers, John Luessenhop and Gabriel Casseus (they co-produced the all-black heist thriller Takers, which Luessenhop also directed) are said to be shopping the project currently.

And if all goes well, Luessenhop will likely direct Blazin Four. The other 3 actors who’ll make up the rest of the Four referenced in the title, haven’t been revealed yet.

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