Mike Tyson "In talks" For Role In "Men In Black III"
Photo Credit: S & A

Mike Tyson "In talks" For Role In "Men In Black III"

I just read on a number of other website that boxer-turned-actor Mike Tyson is reportedly in talks to co-star in Men In Black III, telling the GQ’s UK version in the latest issue, “I’m also in negotiations with Barry Sonnenfeld to be in Men In Black 3 with Will Smith.

None of the other websites link to the actual original UK GQ interview, and I’ve searched for it online, but, no luck thus far. It may be that one has to buy a physical copy to read it. I might run over to my local Barnes & Noble, and browse through whatever issue they currently have.

As for what roles Tyson is in talks to play? He doesn’t offer anything there, so stay tuned. I’m guessing it’s a similar kind of cameo role, as we saw him in The Hangover

The film is currently shooting in New York City, right in my back yard.