Netflix's 'Jupiter's Legacy' Cast Members React To Cancellation: 'I'm Gutted'
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Netflix's 'Jupiter's Legacy' Cast Members React To Cancellation: 'I'm Gutted'

Jupiter's Legacy stars including Andrew Horton, Leslie Bibb and Matt Lanter have spoken about their heartbreak over the sci-fi Netflix series getting quickly canceled by the streaming service.

"I'm gutted," wrote Horton on Instagram. "Jupiter's Legacy was a once in a lifetime experience and one I will never forget. I'm sad and sorry that we don't get to continue this journey. I feel as though we had barely scratched the surface with this one, but as the inimitable Jim Carey once said "that's the way the cookie crumbles"

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Lanter congratulated the "incredible cast, crew and creatives" who worked on Jupiter's Legacy and called the cast "[a] gang of friends who once was."

"It's not every day that a kid like me gets to be a superhero," he wrote.

Bibb also shared her love for her castmates, saying, "i stand with my brothers in arms...this union is something i believed in and i will miss you friends..."

Jupiter's Legacy was canceled by Netflix days after its first season premiered, but during that time, it had amassed a loyal fanbase. In a cast interview with Shadow And Act, Mike Wade and Tenika Davis, who play The Flare and his daughter The Flare II, said their portrayals of a superhero family is unique in the canon of Black superheroes on screen due to their complexity.

Jupiter's Legacy is a story about complex family relationships. First of all, the relationship between me and my dad fits small, is one in which you don't really see the dysfunction right off the bat," she said. "So I think that first of all, putting a family institution in which things are actually mended and strong and the ties that bind are strongly knit with one another is important. I think especially for the black community as well to really see a lot of people maybe not having a mom or a dad."

"We're human. And that's what I love about this because yeah, we're superheroes, but we're still very human dealing with very human issues," said Wade. "And that I really enjoyed hearing from Mark and talking with Mark about that is that we're just going to take a real look at this person and love them anyway, despite their falls."

The show gave superhero fans other Black representation as well with Conrad Coates as Captain Borges, Aiza Ntibarikure as Ectoplex, Ian Quinlan as Hutch, Tyrone Benskin as Willie Small and Nabil Rajo as Axmed.