New Documentary 'RAÇA' ('RACE') Will Tackle Racial Inequality In Brazil (Trailer, Opens May 17)
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New Documentary 'RAÇA' ('RACE') Will Tackle Racial Inequality In Brazil (Trailer, Opens May 17)


Our readers who speak Portuguese can chime in on this… I used Google to translate the information and this is what I gather…

A new feature documentary titled RAÇA (RACE), from Brazilian filmmaker Joel Zito Araújo and American Megan Mylan, tackles racial inequality in Brazil, via the lives of three black Brazilians: Paulo Paim, the only black senator of the republic; Netinho Paula, singer and TV presenter, and Tiny dos Santos, Maroon activist and granddaughter of slaves.

The filmmakers followed these 3 people for a number of years – people they consider are on the frontlines of the country’s race debate/divide – in an effort to bring something unique to the public in terms of cinema that tackles this particular, broad, continuously-discussed subject matter, which has come up occasionally on S&A.

According to the filmmakers, their hope is to encourage discussions on “repairing the historical injustices against blacks, the poor and other minorities in the country.

Recall that Spike Lee is currently working on a feature documentary titled Go Brazil, Go!, which will, reportedly, in part focus on the country’s deep social and racial inequities where Afro Brazilians are concerned; concerns that are rarely addressed especially on film.

So while the film will most certainly have as a central focus, the country’s advances on the international scene, it will also, as Brazilian news outlet Atarde stated, “delve deep into the contradictions of a country that has as a principal feature, the diversity of races.

But it appears that RAÇA will deal with the matter much more directly, personally and intimately than Spike’s film will.

It’s set to debut in theaters, Brazil, on May 17, 2013. In the first week: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia.

And a week later, on the 24th: Salvador, Porto Alegre, Novo Hamburgo, Florianopolis and Curitiba.

In June: Belo Horizonte, Recife and Vitória.

The filmmakers also add that the film will be released in the USA eventually, although no specific dates are given. Stay tuned…

In the meantime, here’s a trailer, although it’s not subtitled so you’ll have to rely on the images alone, unless you speak Portuguese (poster underneath):

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