New On Blu-ray Today: The Centerpiece Of The 'Blade' Trilogy - 'Blade II' ('Can You Blush?')
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New On Blu-ray Today: The Centerpiece Of The 'Blade' Trilogy - 'Blade II' ('Can You Blush?')


With all the talk about a yet-to-be-seen Black Panther movie, let's not forget about Wesley Snipe's Blade trilogy – with Blade 2 being the best of the 3 in my not-so humble opinion. Guillermo del Toro made what I think was the highlight of the trio of films, and it still ranks highly on my list of superhero action movies. The entire "House Of Pain" sequence still gets me giddy everytime I watch the film, even though I've seen it countless times. 

Blade II was released on March 22, 2002, en route to becoming the most successful film of the Blade franchise, grossing over $155 million worldwide ($80 million of that in the USA). Certainly not Dark Knight or Spiderman numbers, but still solid.

I can only wonder how much better it could have done have it been released closer to the summer, instead of smack-dab in the middle of the NCAA basketball tournament.

Reviews were mixed, although 80 out of 156 critics gave it a thumbs up when it was released.

And if you missed it in theaters, the next best thing would be to watch it in HD on Blu-ray, by picking up a copy for yourself today.

Extra features include an all-new commentary track by Del Toro, as well as a Director's Notebook feature, and a featurette on screenwriter David Goyer (who also wrote and directed the third film, Blade: Trinity, the worst of the trilogy, which seemed to want to be a passing on of the batton.

There've been rumors of a rebooting of the franchise, but nothing's been confirmed. Black superhero movies aren't exactly being rushed to the screen by studios right now.

Here's a scene from Blade II:

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