New Report Details Netflix PR Exec's Firing After Using The N-Word
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New Report Details Netflix PR Exec's Firing After Using The N-Word

A new report is giving more insight into the firing of Netflix’s former PR head after he used the N-word during a meeting.

The report says that Jonathan Friedland used the N-word in a meeting about how to handle backlash against insensitive content, citing Tom Segura’s Netflix special when he said he wanted to go back to a time when “retarded” was acceptable to use in society.


Friedland said that parents of special needs children would see that as an equivalent to if an “African-American person had heard the N-word” and used the full slur.

Once staff members complained, he issued an apology in writing, met with CEO Reed Hastings and then met with HR reps (who were Black), where he repeated the slur in full again. Later in an off-site meeting in April, he apologized again to top executives, but it wasn’t making any impact.

Then in May, a group of Black employees met with Friedland about his department and were disappointed that he did not “specifically address and apologize for the incident.” Once Hastings heard this, he called Friedland, who was on business in Japan and fired him.

Frieldand is reported as saying that he “neglected to keep an eye on any lingering hurt it may have caused when I was moving at a million miles an hour.”

Hastings was angry that news of Friedland’s exit leaked and wanted the leaker to come forward, saying, “you’ll get a discreet quiet exit, and our generous severance package.”

Netflix recently hired Vernā Myers as vice president of inclusion strategy.

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