New Web Series Features Atypical Depiction Of Black Women On Screen - Those Who Love The Alt Rock Lifestyle
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New Web Series Features Atypical Depiction Of Black Women On Screen - Those Who Love The Alt Rock Lifestyle


Here’s the premiere episode of a new web series created and directed by Katherine Murray-Satchell, titled The New Adult.

I typically would summarize new series that are emailed to me, in my own words; but I think hearing directly from the creators themselves, may have more of an immediate impact on potential viewers, since doing so would mean a much more personal experience. 

So here’s what Katherine Murray-Satchell sent to me:

I am an independent filmmaker and have recently completed a

web series pilot that will be launching on Thursday.  I have a great deal of

respect for Indiewire’s Shadow and Act page, and would love your feedback on the

show. Of course, the obstacle of putting anything online is getting people to

watch it, so if you like what you see, I would be honored if the show could be

mentioned on your publication. Of course, if you don’t like it, you don’t have

to do anything, or write a scathing review since bad press is better than none.

However, I think you’ll find it a good conversation starter and here’s why:

“The New Adult” is about a 30-something year old woman who’s

recently been kicked out of her parents’ house. The show chronicles her struggle

to adjusting to this new life as a grown-up.

The lead is an African American, and she’s the type that’s

not commonly seen in the media today. The biggest significance is that she’s big

into alt rock, and is not afraid to speak her mind. She’s not the “powerful

black woman” or the “awkward black girl” or even Olivia Pope. She’s a rebel, a

screw-up, and a bit of an asshole. But a charming one.

Having been one of those black girls who loves the rock

lifestyle, finding someone who looks like me with those similar interests was

extremely hard to come by growing up. Even now, it’s like spotting a unicorn if

you find a character like that on TV. I know there are women out there looking

for this voice, and “The New Adult” delivers. But the show’s not about race.

It’s about accepting (or not accepting) the responsibilities of adulthood. It

will explore the many definitions of the word “adult,” as our generation and

surely the ones to come will be a new kind of adult. See what I did there?

As the saying goes, if you don’t see what you want to see on screen (or if you don’t see yourself), then create what you do want to see, instead of waiting for someone else to do so – because it may never happen..

The series is now live, and can be followed here:

Episode one is embedded below.

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