Niles Fitch On Groundbreaking Role As Disney's First Black Prince: 'We're Complex And Layered'
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Niles Fitch On Groundbreaking Role As Disney's First Black Prince: 'We're Complex And Layered'

Niles Fitch is stepping into the record books as Disney’s first Black prince in a live-action film, a feat which is long overdue. The This Is Us actor portrays Prince Tuma in the Disney+ original film Secret Society Of Second Born Royals. The film follows a group of super-powered royal descendants who are second in line for their family throne.

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In an interview with POPSUGAR, Fitch discussed the impact of his groundbreaking casting, expressing how eager he is to see the impact of how his portrayal of Prince Tuma has on young Black boys.

I just can’t wait to see the impact that it has on boys that look like me, being able to see themselves on TV, because we’re more than just what the media shows,” he said. We’re real complex and layered people and I feel like if we were shown more on TV in positive roles, or just roles in general, that wouldn’t have to be said. We wouldn’t have to say our lives matter. It would be a known thing.”

Fitch also reflected on how seeing Black representation on film and television impacted him as an actor when he was younger.

I think that’s what’s so great about my character is he’s normal,” he continued. There’s not some crazy bad thing about him. He’s good-spirited. He has a good heart. I feel like for people to be able to see that representation on TV — he is royalty and he is a superhero — you don’t see that.”

The film is currently streaming now on Disney+.


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