No, P. Diddy Is NOT Joining The Cast Of 'Downton Abbey'
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No, P. Diddy Is NOT Joining The Cast Of 'Downton Abbey'


Just follow the bouncing ball in chronological order…

Still with me?

Alright, so apparently, the above series of tweets ignited a rush of excitement and commentary from Diddy fans, traveling across the blogosphere since Diddy *broke* the news, with many believing it to be true. Lots of folks even congratulated him on Twitter.

I saw it all, but didn’t believe any of it, which is why I didn’t bother posting any of it earlier today, waiting for the producers of Downton Abbey or PBS to respond first, before saying anything.

And respond they have…

According to an email response to the Telegraph in the UK about an hour or so ago, PBS spokesman Carrie Johnson said it’s not true.

So is it really not true, or is PBS being coy, some might probably ask?

I’m leaning towards the former, and that Diddy probably shot some kind of Downton Abbey spoof (given the photos he shared), and the “preview” he says he’ll be sharing at midnight tonight, is just that.

There can only be one black person on Downton Abbey (I don’t make the rules), and that slot has already been filled.

UPDATE 5/16/13: See below…

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