NYC: You Should See 'Putney Swope' (The Truth and Soul Movie) Now Playing at Film Forum
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NYC: You Should See 'Putney Swope' (The Truth and Soul Movie) Now Playing at Film Forum


Considered very radical for its time, when it first released in 1969, and still is controversial today, the independently-made political and cultural satire, “Putney Swope,” will have a rare series of screenings at Film Forum in New York City, this month.

Directed by Robert Downey (not the actor of course, but his father, who was an independent film director during the late 60′s to the late 90′s), the film follows a token black employee at a Madison Ave advertising firm who accidentally becomes the CEO of the firm, and turns the whole company upside down, radicalizing it in the process.

A sensation in its day, it still has the power to outrage and perhaps even anger viewers, and still is seen as a film that was way ahead of its time, inspiring many satirists and filmmakers today.

A cinematic moment especially relevant to the history of black filmmaking, “Putney Swope” will begin screening today at Film Forum in New York City (Friday – Sunday, May 20 – 22, Tuesday – Thursday, May 24 – 26; at 2:30pm and 8:20pm on each day). And, as a bonus, for those who attend tonight’s 8:20 screening, the iconic American underground director who made the film (Downey) will appear in person afterward for an interview with Film Forum Director of Repertory Programming Bruce Goldstein, and an audience Q&A.

For tickets to any of the screenings, click here. If you’ve never seen it, or you’ve never seen it on the big screen (and you’re in NYC), take advantage of the rare opportunity.


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