Official Poster For Slavery/Time Travel Comedy "Case Départ"
Photo Credit: S & A

Official Poster For Slavery/Time Travel Comedy "Case Départ"

Official poster (below) for a film I’ve covered already on this site, so I won’t bother with a rehash.

Click HERE and HERE to read the last 2 posts, along with all the combative comments that followed, as you all continue to debate whether slavery should be fodder for a comedy feature film. I haven’t seen the film yet, although, as I recently posted, it was picked up for international distribution by Other Angle Pictures, a Paris-based company, which means it just might travel, and many of us might get to eventually see it; there’s also been talk of a potential remake.

But I just don’t feel like I’m equipped to fully discuss it until I’ve actually seen the film.

It opens in France on July 6th.

The full poster follows below, and the trailer underneath, for those who haven’t yet seen it…

Case Départ (2011) Trailer by Afro-Style-Communication