Omar Sy Wins Best Actor Trophy At 17th Lumiere Awards (French Equivalent Of The Golden Globes)
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Omar Sy Wins Best Actor Trophy At 17th Lumiere Awards (French Equivalent Of The Golden Globes)


The Golden Globe Awards ceremony takes place this Sunday night here in the USA; but across the pond, in France, the 17th annual Lumière awards – essentially the French equivalent of the Golden Globes, as foreign press based in France select the best in French cinema – were handed out today; and, of note, amongst the names and titles on the list of honorees, our man Omar Sy, and the film he stars in, Intouchables, as well as Aki Kaurismäki's French immigration dramedy Le Havre, were all nominees up for trophies.

So, how did they do?

The envelope please…

Omar Sy, nominated in the Best Actor category for his lauded (in France anyway) performance in Intouchables, WON the Best Actor award, beating out Jean Dujardin of The Artist (a French film that's racking up acclaim and trophies over here in the USA), and other contenders in that category.

Oddly enough, Omar Sy's  co-star, and most certainly the bigger name of the two (in French cinema) François Cluzet, wasn't nominated in any category; so, all he could do was applaud for his pal Omar 🙂

The film was also nominated in the Best Picture category, but it lost that award to… The Artist!

Omar, who, as I've noted in previous posts, is currently shooting his next film (a buddy-cop-action flick titled On The Other Side Of The Tracks), is currently enjoying the kind of success that I don't know if French cinema has ever seen as far as black actors are concerned; and something tells me it's only a matter of time before he heads West for what may be the more lucrative waters of Hollywood – especially if his growth in France eventually hits the proverbial glass ceiling. 

This likely puts him in the running in the same category for the French equivalent of the Oscars, the César Awards, which haven't been announced yet.

Le Havre was nominated in the Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor categories, but it didn't walk away with any trophies, unfortunately. 

Well, congrats to Omar Cy on the win; still haven't seen the film yet, since it hasn't been releases stateside.

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