Shonda Rhimes Reflects On How 'Scandal' Changed The Landscape Of Television
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Shonda Rhimes Reflects On How 'Scandal' Changed The Landscape Of Television

As Scandal comes to a close, Shonda Rhimes spoke with outlets, including The Hollywood Reporterabout her time in broadcast television and the social and cultural impacts Scandal has made.

Rhimes told trade publication she feels Scandal has opened the doors for more women of color to be seen as viable leaders in television.

"Now it feels very normal and obvious that women of color can lead shows, so hopefully that is something that Scandal has done," she said. "Hopefully we've created a world in which we've stopped seeing these characters on television and it's a magical anomaly that they're there and there's an otherness to them. ...Hopefully we've made a dent in that."

As for the finale itself, Rhimes said that it'll focus on what happens after the Gladiators come forward with the truth.

"One of the things that Olivia says in the penultimate episode is this idea of standing up and being somebody who puts everything out in the open is important," she said. "Whether or not everybody pays for what they've done, I don't know that that's what the finale is about as much as it's about seeing what happens once that choice has been made. We've put them in a fairly impossible position and you get to find out what happens and how that gets solved and where our characters go from there."

Thanks to all the twists and turns Rhimes and her crew threw at Olivia and other Scandal characters throughout the seasons, the show was able to hit a milestone number of 100 episodes. In fact, Rhimes is just one of a small number of showrunners to create three shows that each ran beyond 100 episodes. With Rhimes leaving ABC for Netflix, broadcast television won't be the same.

"This is where I've spent my entire career and this is where I learned to write television--and it's the only game that I know," she said. "I've been incredibly fortunate."

The final episode of Scandal airs on ABC April 19 at 10/9c.

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