One Week Into Shadow and Act's Relaunch, How Are We Doing? How Are You Doing? What's Next?
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One Week Into Shadow and Act's Relaunch, How Are We Doing? How Are You Doing? What's Next?



One week after our official split from Indiewire, followed by the relaunch of S&A at this new location, we made it folks!! The house didn’t burn down; we’re still alive and pushing ahead as best as we can.

Although as expected, there’ve been a few glitches here and there that come with any transition, as some of you have emailed me with problems you’re having receiving and sharing our content. We’re working to fix them.

There’s still a long way to go before we get to where we want the site to be, so expect more announcements in the near future, as we work feverishly behind-the-scenes on what comes next. As I shared in my blog post on the old S&A (Indiewire) site a month ago, there’s a grand vision for what this site could become, and, ultimately, with your help, we will get there!

So I first want to make sure that everyone can access our content easily on whatever platform you use. As a reminder, we are on the most popular social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, and we are also now on Instagram (although the account is relatively new, so there isn’t a lot to look at just yet); and we’re also on Tumblr.

if you’re a follower on Facebook, I STRONGLY suggest that you select the option to be notified whenever a new item is shared on the S&A Facebook page. If you rely entirely on seeing our content on your Facebook news feed, you’re likely missing most of it, thanks to Facebook’s algorithms, which seem to be constantly changing. In the image immediately below, I’ve circled where exactly you do that. On the S&A Facebook page, you place your pointer over the “Like” button (you don’t have to click on it; just hover over it), and on the menu that drops down, select the “All On” option under “NOTIFICATIONS.” Once you do that, every time a new post is shared on the S&A Facebook page, you will receive a notification of it.

If you prefer, you can subscribe to receive our daily email newsletter below. But if you do, please follow the instructions on the page that opens up after you enter your email address below. You will need to verify your email account afterward; if you don’t verify, you won’t receive the daily newsletter. Once you enter your email address, and subscribe, an automatic email will be sent to the address you enter, asking you to click on a link to verify the account. You have to do that to complete the subscription process. It’s quick and easy.

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And finally, you can also subscribe to our RSS feed if you use news readers like Feedly.

If you access our content some other way, and it’s not listed here, please let me know so that I can correct that.

Otherwise, from myself, Jai Tiggett, Sergio Mims, and all the S&A contributors,  thanks for sticking with us during this transition, and, as I said, there’s a lot more to come. We’re only just getting started, barely scratching the surface of what is possible and what we’re working towards, and I’m excited about what lies ahead, which you all will be a part of! So stay tuned for future announcements.


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