Origins/Prequel Film of 'Luther' a Goal of Idris Elba & Series' Creator
Photo Credit: S & A

Origins/Prequel Film of 'Luther' a Goal of Idris Elba & Series' Creator

nullTambay just posted a piece yesterday pondering on an American version of the BBC1 series Luther starring an American black actor, since there has been rumors circling the web about that possibility. 

And while we wait to see if anything transpires regarding the aforementioned, Idris Elba did publicly speak about the possibility of making an “origins” or prequel film of the  BBC1 hit series, and he hopes it will hold the interest of fans of the show while appealing to a new audience.

“If we do decide to make this film, the spine of the film will

probably come from The Calling – which is the book – and that starts at the

beginning of who Luther is and where he’s come from,” Elba told UK newspaper The Sun, further adding that, “It’s a goal for Neil and I, for

sure – we’ve talked about it at length,”

Elba says that for now that project is definitely a goal, but that he and Luther creator Neil Cross haven’t gotten

“into any sort of deal stage or anything like that.”

Elba did say that the show’s creators may be gearing up “towards what could be either a film

or maybe a television special and then a film.”

While we’re at it, could this “origins” film be an American production? It sounds very interesting nonetheless.