OWN Pulls Plug on Reality Show About Guy with 34 Kids
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OWN Pulls Plug on Reality Show About Guy with 34 Kids

nullSo remember

Jay Williams? He’s that sad sack loser with 34 kids by some 17 different women, who appeared on those multi-part episodes of "Iyanla: Fix My Life” on the Oprah

Winfrey Network.

The episodes

were the most highly rated and most talked about shows ever on "Fix My Life," though they never answered the central question: why any woman in her right mind would want to

have a child with a guy who has an army of children that he doesn’t support. Nothing about him says “Wow! What a catch!”

Anyway, the

shows were so popular that, naturally, back in March, OWN announced that they were

going to do a spin-off reality show with Williams and the big mess he’s in, set to premiere in this September


As the

network, at the time, proudly said: “OWN’s cameras [will] follow Jay as he works to

heal and establish new connections with his family, his children and the

mothers of his children. He says that he wants to change and to be the best

father he can be, but his extreme situation will challenge his best intentions

and whether or not he can live up to all the responsibility”.

Well that

was then, and is this is now, since the network has just announced that they have cancelled

the show even before it’s aired.

According to

an insider at OWN, “production for the

docu-series wasn’t going the way that the network hoped it would”.

Exactly what

that means, is anyone’s guess. Maybe the footage they were getting wasn’t scandalous

enough. No fights, no screaming arguments, no one trying to pull someone’s weave

off… People were behaving like responsible, serious adults trying

to resolve a difficult situation intelligently. Can’t have that

though. Who would watch that?

Or maybe

Oprah had second thoughts, and decided that there was enough black male bashing on TV.

Who knows? However I think it’s safe to say that we are

all better off with it.

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