Paula Patton, Terrence Jenkins Will Engage in Battle of the Sexes in 'The Perfect Match'
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Paula Patton, Terrence Jenkins Will Engage in Battle of the Sexes in 'The Perfect Match'

Paula Patton in "Baggage Claim" 2013This rom-com concept is so overdone and, quite frankly, doesn’t excite me at all, I’m sorry to say. I’m sure films like this have their audience, so I can’t dismiss it entirely. But, really, unless there’s some surprise twist, or the filmmakers plan to turn hackneyed ideas on their heads to create something fresh and different, can we please move on from this kind of unimaginative, unoriginal storytelling? 

Terrence Jenkins, Paula Patton, Kali Hawk and Joe Pantoliano will all star in a Queen Latifah/Flavor Unit-produced rom-come titled "The Perfect Match."

Bille Woodruff is directing from a script written by Dana Verde, Gary Hardwick and Brandon Broussard.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the film follows a successful playboy (Jenkins) who meets his match (Patton) – an idea that we’ve watched a number of different versions of, from "Boomerang," to "Two Can Play That Game" (and its sequel), "Hitch," "Think Like a Man," and several other rom-coms starring black actors that we’ve seen over the years, both Hollywood-made and indie; each one, while not exactly the same, are essentially frothy "battle of the sexes" tales that are just so cliché in 2015.

Both Patton and Jenkins have done a few of these rom-coms already. But I guess it’s work and a paycheck.

Again, I certainly haven’t read the script, so, who knows, maybe this particular take is so unlike anything else we’ve seen within its specific genre (turning the entire concept on its head, maybe making it more of a dark comedy or a satire), that we’ll all be pleasantly surprised by the end product when it’s eventually released. I want to be supportive of each and everyone of these new films, but, my goodness, give me something to really get behind!

This, based on what we know of it so far, just doesn’t excite me. Sorry!

But maybe it excites you…

Shooting began last week in Los Angeles.

Latifah, Jenkins, Patton are producing along with Shakim Compere, Alex Avant and Yaneley Arty. 

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