PBS Newshour to Start Year Long “Conversation” on Race with Charlayne Hunter-Gault
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PBS Newshour to Start Year Long “Conversation” on Race with Charlayne Hunter-Gault

nullLet’s face

it, most news programs only deal with race when it’s sensational – like when there’s some violent crime, riots, or when a white cop kills a black teen, or a black criminal shoots a white

cop. What usually follows are supposedly serious discussions on race which are, most of time, nothing but people screaming at each other on TV, which is good for ratings and

getting viewers all riled up.

Whether it’s

MSNBC, CNN or Fox News, nothing is truly dealt with or discussed in any comprehensive

way, and, ultimately, nothing is resolved. And soon enough, it’s all forgotten… until the next racial

incident, and it starts up all over again.

However, PBS’

daily news show, "PBS Newshour," has decided that, “because of increasing tensions

around the country to volatile levels and exposing a festering wound that has

yet to heal,”  to take a more serious and nuanced

approach to the volatile matter, when it announced yesterday that, starting this week, they’re beginning a

year long series to be called "Race Matters," which will be a segment of the program, and will deal with race, as well as “diversity, the divisions that have seemingly torn the nation apart, and what can

be done to bridge those divides."

The series will

be hosted by veteran journalist and author, Charlayne Hunter-Gault, who, from 1978

to 1997, was a correspondent and occasional co-anchor on "Newshour," before

leaving in 1997 to become NPR’s Johannesburg correspondent, and eventually, the Johannesburg bureau chief and correspondent for CNN

Ms Hunter-Gault

said that she is very pleased that “PBS NewsHour is paying serious

attention to America’s most enduring challenge: racism,’ adding that, "My conversations

focusing on solutions come at a time of growing concern raised by disturbing

events in places like Charleston, Ferguson, Baltimore and New York over the

past year. It is my hope that these conversations will lead to greater

understanding and narrowing of the racial divide."

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