Poster & Official Synopsis For Pam Grier/Ving Rhames Crime Drama "Mafia"
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Poster & Official Synopsis For Pam Grier/Ving Rhames Crime Drama "Mafia"


Last May, I alerted you to a Pam Grier/Ving Rhames project titled Mafia, which Grier tweeted about at the time, as she was letting all her followers know what films she was starring in that were coming up.

At the time, a search revealed nothing about the film; its IMDB page was practically blank, it didn't even have a synopsis.

Fast-forward to today, almost 10 months later, and I was reminded of it while reading THIS February 16th profile of Grier in which she mentions the project again. 

So of course I researched it a second time to see if there was anything new online about it, and there most certainly is.

First, its IMDB page is much fuller than it was back then, listing a cast that also includes Persia White (from Girlfriends & Dysfuntional Friends fame), and about a dozen more names I'm not at all familiar with.

Second, the project does have a web presence via its distribution company's website, where I found the above min-poster (the full poster below, but I couldn't find a larger version) as well as an official synopsis for the film which reads:

It's the 70s and criminal boss Renzo and his crew wreak havoc across the streets, leaving bodies wherever they go. Detective Womack will stop at nothing to bring these thugs to justice, even if it means breaking the law. Starring Ving Rhames, Pam Grier, Robert Patrick, and Persia White, MAFIA delivers justice one bullet at a time.

Ving Rhames stars as Renzo; Pam Grier is Deterctive Womack. Not sure about what roles the others play.

Directed by Ryan Combs, who, according to his IMDB page, has worked with Rhames on a number of past occasions, the film is said to be in post-production with a 2012 release date likely.

There's a trailer on the distribution company's website, but it won't play.

But like previous Ryan Combs/Wing Rhames teamings, I'm guessing this one will also be a straight-to-dvd title; although under other circumstances, hearing that Ving Rhames and Pam Grier will be starring in a crime drama together would definitely get my attention. Just not as much this time.

I'll keep an eye on it though.

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