'Power Book III: Raising Kanan' Boss Explains If The Characters' Fates Are Already Planned Out
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'Power Book III: Raising Kanan' Boss Explains If The Characters' Fates Are Already Planned Out

Viewers know the ultimate fates of Jukebox and Kanan, but many wonder what will happen to a lot of the key players in Power Book III: Raising Kanan.

Season 2 will see Kanan (MeKai Curtis) learning some really hard truths. While the second spinoff from the beloved Power series is very much a crime drama, it also tells a coming-of-age story like never before. Kanan is faced with several challenges, but one that is central to him is coming to terms with who his mother is and how it relates to their relationship with one another.

"Season 2 is really about Kanan learning some very hard truths about his mother and about himself," showrunner Sascha Penn told Shadow and Act in a recent interview.

“And I think that, for him, is central to his identity. His relationship with his mother is clearly the most important he has, and don’t get me wrong, his relationship with Jukebox and his uncles is also incredibly important, but his mother really exists as the pillar to him,” he continued. “And what starts to happen in season two is that pillar starts to crack.”

As Kanan works to figure out his own viewpoint of the world around him, he is also very much trying to discover his own identity as a person.

For original Power fans, Kanan’s fate has already been determined, however, that doesn’t mean Penn can’t play around with the storylines of other characters that are just as important to the show.

"I have a pretty good sense of where some of the characters are going. I do think part of the fun of writing and doing a show like this is that you discover stuff along the way," he explained.

“Something that you thought for sure was sort of carved in stone, all of sudden, you have an opportunity to do something different. You always have the opportunity to course correct,” Penn continued. “I’ve had a pretty decent sense of where I think the stories are going, of course with the exception of Jukebox and Kanan, which is because we know how their stories end so that’s kind of out of my hands already.”

As a writer of a series with standout acts like Patina Miller, Penn has always been vocal about the importance of supporting shows like Power Book III: Raising Kanan where Black talent leads the charge both on and off-camera.

"Their voice matters to all of us and I think you have to acknowledge that the show exists," said Penn.

“These are hit shows whether it’s Power or Raising Kanan or P-Valley, these are hit shows and they deserve their day in court,” he expressed.

Power Book III: Kanan season 2 premieres Sunday on Starz.