'Power' Season 4, Episode 3 Recap: “The Kind of Man You Are”
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'Power' Season 4, Episode 3 Recap: “The Kind of Man You Are”

Ghost’s (Omari Hardwick) legal troubles are now spreading out to his associates. As the episode opens, Tommy (Joseph Sikora), Dre (Rotimi), Julio (J.R. Ramirez) and Keisha (La La Anthony) are all hemmed up by the Feds and brought in for questioning.

Though Julio and Dre paint Ghost as a do-gooder who gives back to those from the hood, Keisha inadvertently slips up and gives Angela (Lela Loren) information that could be used to break the spousal privilege between Ghost and Tasha (Naturi Naughton). Anglea wants to paint Tasha as Ghost’s accomplice.

In jail, Proctor (Jerry Ferrara) introduces Ghost to his second chair, Terry Silver (Brandon Victor Dixon). Immediately, Ghost and Silver aren’t feeling one another. Ghost seems desperate to get Silver to see him as an innocent man, but Silver just wants to win. Ghost walks through the day Greg (Andy Bean) died with Silver to try and establish an alibi. He doesn’t have one, but when looking at the crime scene, he does notice a phone in Greg’s drawer that hadn’t been there when he initially broke into his apartment. It’s new info for Proctor and Silver, but it might not actually help. Later, when the attorneys return, Ghost recalls being pulled over by Greg the day Greg died. He’s adamant that Angela knows about the stop. Silver and Proctor try to find evidence since Greg never logged it.

Somewhere in the city, Tommy drops Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) and Raina (Donshea Hopkins) off at school. After waving Rena goodbye, he tries to have a heart to heart with Riq, but the boy is still on BS. Tommy tries to reassure Tariq that his dad is innocent of killing Greg, but in seeing Tariq’s reaction, Tommy also realizes that something is not quite right with the boy.

Later, after determining the Feds are trying to break spousal privilege, Proctor decides they NEED to get Ghost’s DNA thrown out from the case, and he sets about trying to make that happen. Meanwhile, in prison, Tony Teresi (William Sadler) gets a packet of Ramen noodles delivered to his cell. We discover that a phone is actually embedded in the dry noodles. From the voice on the other line, Tony gets more deets on Tommy, and he learns Tommy runs with a man named Ghost. Though the voice on the other line has no idea who Ghost might be. Tony starts piecing things together.

At the Feds office, John Mak (Sung Kang) is pissed. He’s annoyed that the team got nothing from Ghost’s associates because he is determined that Ghost gets the needle and that Tommy and the whole organization go down as well. Once Angela tells him the info she got from Keisha in order to break spousal privilege his mood does brighten. Angela tries to reason with him about leaving Tasha out of the trial for the sake of the kids, but John wants blood. We also learn that Ghost’s old club manager Kantos (Adam Huss) is willing to talk to the Feds, but he wants full immunity. The Feds blow him off… for now.

In school, some asshole jock named Ethan sends out a mass text about Ghost being up for the death penalty. Rena get’s the text and is distraught, but Riq takes care of it before taking off to hang with Kanan (Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson). Crying, Rena tries to run after her brother and is photographed by the paparazzi. At her apartment, Keisha tells Tommy she’s afraid Tasha will give them up if her kids are on the line. Tommy tries to reassure her that Tasha would never do that, but he also looks unsure.

At Kanan’s apartment, Tariq is still being the absolute worst. He’s annoyed that his mom never told him Ghost was up for the death penalty. In response, Kanan gives him more lean, and the two begin conspiring on something. Kanan might eventually grow tired of Riq’s whining, he doesn’t have much patience.

At the Feds, Greg’s old friend Bailey (Lee Tergesen) meets with Mike (David Fumero) and John. He knows Greg wasn’t the mole and he’s determined to clear his deceased friend’s name. (ICYMI Mike is actually the mole.) Bailey tells the men that he believes Angela is the mole, but John only cares about Ghost and Tommy at this point.

Leaving the Feds, Bailey stops in Angela’s office to tell her about herself. He blames her for Greg’s death and says if she had never had left his friend for Ghost, Greg might still be alive. Maybe…but Greg was also the worst. Bailey also wants Angela to admit to being the mole. Angela says she’s sorry about Greg, but she isn’t the mole. Later, Bailey rolls up on Saxe (Shane Johnson) with his illegal intel about Tommy and Ghost killing Lobos (Enrique Murciano). Saxe who is thirsty to be seen on the team runs off to ask Judge Tapper (Michael Gaston) about the “hypothetical” evidence. Tapper basically laughs in Saxe’s face and warns him John would be pissed if he knew this was happening.

At Truth, Dre has the bottle girls packing drugs until Julio shows up and tells him to stop pushing the weight. Dre can’t do that because he has to pay Kanan, so he tells the blonde bottle girl to keep it moving, but on the low. Meanwhile, in the warehouse, Tommy is prepping for the most important shipment of his career. Julio approaches him and tells him that he and Dre go hemmed up by the Feds. Later, Proctor and Tommy meet. Tommy is freaking out about the shipment and Proctor tries to talk him off the ledge.

In jail, Tony makes his move. He approaches Ghost and tells him he has proof that he is actually Ghost. He demanded $20,000 per week to keep quiet, and he also demands that Tommy deliver the coins himself to an address he provides Ghost with. Surely Ghost isn’t this dumb.

Later, Ghost tells Proctor he needs info on Tony. Proctor is reluctant but agrees. Shortly after that Silver bursts in with no traffic stop evidence. Right behind him, Angela BOLD AF Valdez decides to come in to try and get Ghost to confess to killing Greg. She tells Ghost to spare Tasha and the kids, and she’ll try and get him the lowest sentence possible. She’s garbage. As they leave prison, Silver and Proctor argue over the deal. Proctor is convinced that Angela is full of it while Silver thinks the deal is good. He’s also puzzled by Proctor’s priorities.

The day of the shipment, Tommy has all of his men preparing when Dre roles in to snitch on Julio. He tells Ghost Julio stopped the movement in the club. He also tells Tommy that he and Julio got questioned by the Feds. Tommy says he knows but he also tells Dre to keep moving the drugs in Truth. He’s not feeling Dre or Julio at the moment.

Back in jail, prison guard Marshal Williams (Charlie Murphy) shows Ghost a newspaper with a photo of Rena crying in it. Horrified, Ghost calls home and tries to speak to his daughter who is inconsolable. He also FINALLY tells Tasha, “Thank you.” Ghost is starting to break.

At his friend’s house, Tariq is playing video games and texting Kanan. We soon realize that he’s given Kanan the elevator code and apartment number to Ethan the asshole jock’s apartment. Kanan and his boy break in and begin to rob the joint. I would feel bad, but Ethan is a troll.

At a bar, Mike approaches Bailey to tell him that he never believed Greg was the mole. Mike says he tried to get John on board, but John just wants Ghost and Tommy. Bailey listens, but he’s obviously suspicious of Mike now. Oh, Michael, you’re showing your hand.

Later in the hearing to get Ghost’s DNA thrown out, Silver comes through in the clutch with the video evidence of the traffic stop between Ghost and Greg. Judge Tapper is reluctant at first, but after he learns Angela knew about the stop, he throws out the DNA. Proctor tries to get the charges dropped altogether, but Tapper is like nah, the murder weapon and fingerprints still matter. John realizes he messed up by not taking Angela seriously when she told him about the traffic stop, so he puts her back on the case. He doesn’t seem too pleased about it though.

Later, Tommy’s shipment goes smoothly because he trusts no one, and tells no one of his real plans. Tommy is NUTS, but he’s not a fool. Meanwhile, in jail, Ghost has invited Silver to chat. He’s desperate to get his new attorney on his side. Silver is not for it though, he sees right through Ghost and what he sees is foul.

This episode wasn’t all bad news for Ghost, but his veneer is slowly cracking, and the rage is brewing within. I bet he’ll crack during the next episode.

Power airs Sundays at 9 PM ET on Starz.

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