'Power' Season 4, Episode 4 Recap: “We're In This Together”

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July 17th 2017

As I open this recap, I’d just like to acknowledge the fact that Tommy (Joseph Sikora) is even more insane that I’d previously thought which is saying A LOT — but we’ll get to that shortly.

"We're in This Together" begins with Ghost (Omari Hardwick) lifting weights in the rec room. Resigned to his current situation, he seems determined to make the most of his prison time. This doesn’t stop Marshal Williams (Charlie Murphy), the prison guard/U.S. Marshall from antagonizing Ghost. In fact, he runs up on G and tries to choke him out with a barbell.

At the St. Patrick’s penthouse, Tommy is sleeping on the couch (They don’t have a guest room?!). He’s taken Ghost’s request to take care of his family to heart, but that doesn’t stop Keisha (La La Anthony) from blowing up his phone. Apparently, he slipped out of her bed in the wee hours of the morning and Keisha is not too pleased about it.

At the Feds, Saxe (Shane Johnson) and Mike (David Fumero) are still reeling from DNA fall out, and they are letting Angela (Lela Loren) HAVE IT. Though John (Sung Kang) sticks up for her at first, when the conference room clears he checks Angela for going behind his back and offering Ghost a deal. He tells her since she wants to be helpful; she needs to approach Tasha (Naturi Naughton) to get more info. Angela doesn’t want to, but she has no other choice.

Proctor (Jerry Ferrara) and Silver (Brandon Victor Dixon) meet with Ghost in prison, and they tell him that both Julio (J.R. Ramirez) and Dre (Rotimi) were picked up and questioned by the Feds. Ghost doesn’t seem too bothered because he knows his men are loyal. Silver reminds him that associating with known felons is not a good look. The attorneys inform Ghost that their new focus is on getting the gun thrown out. On the low, Ghost asks Proctor to look into Marshal Williams, and he reminds him to also inform Tommy about the money drop he needs to make to Teresi (William Sadler). Tommy must find out any info he can on the old gangster.

Later at the warehouse, Julio is collecting drops. The soldier who has been going rogue since Ghost’s arrest approaches him to let him know that Tommy running over his boy was foul. He also tells Julio that he needs to earn his respect because he hasn’t been acting like a distro. When Julio tries to approach Tommy about the incident later, Tommy brushes him to the side and reinforces his lack of respect for Julio. I get a feeling that Julio is only going to roll over for Tommy so many times. We all know that his true loyalty lies with Ghost alone.

Under a bridge somewhere (because that’s where ish goes down apparently) Tommy and Proctor meet. Proctor informs Tommy about the drop Ghost needs him to make at Teresi’s. Tommy isn’t with it. He thinks it might be a trap and Proctor cosigns. Still, the two men realize they have no choice. Proctor also tells Tommy to get any info he can about Roberto Soletti from Teresi’s man.

Somewhere else in the city Angela and Tasha meet up. In an attempt to get Tasha to turn on Ghost, Angela tells her about the deal they offered Ghost that would have saved Tasha and her kids. (The Feds are trying to break spousal privilege and label Tasha as Ghost's accomplice.) Tasha tries to act like she already knew about the deal, but she’s clearly shook. We do know this though; Tasha’s loyal runs DEEP. If she hasn’t left Ghost yet, she surely isn’t about to now.

At Kanan’s (Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson) Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) is still being a turd. He’s hanging with Kanan and his boys (and some young ass girls) smoking, sipping on lean and getting paid for his help with the robberies. Tariq thinks he’s grown AF and that’s only going to cause major problems for him down the line.

At the penthouse, Keisha and Tasha walk in the door and Keisha spots pillows and blankets on the couch. She realizes this is where Tommy has been sneaking off to, and home girl is green with envy. Unaware of her two oldest friend’s sexcapades, Tasha tells Keisha that Ghost was offered a deal that could have saved her, but he turned it down. Keisha tells her BFF that she needs to start looking out for herself.

At Truth, Julio runs up on Dre. Dre never showed up to the drop with his money and Julio sees it as an act of disrespect. Dre manipulates J and tries to squash their beef. By doing so, Dre makes Julio even more suspicious of Tommy. Ugh, I want more for Julio, he’s so gullible.

In prison, Tasha visits Ghost and tells him that she knows about the deal and that he wasn’t right for keeping it from her. She also tells him that she’s ride or die, but he needs to start acting like he knows that.

Things are going even further south for the Feds. They learn that Proctor is going to try and suppress the gun, and Angela returns from her meeting with Tasha empty handed. Meanwhile, at the penthouse, Raina (Donshea Hopkins) finds fresh gear and a stack of money in Tariq's room. She tries to approach him about it, but Tariq (per usual) is showing his ass. He warns his twin sister to keep her mouth shut.

In the hearing to suppress the gun, Proctor has Agent Donovan (Ty Jones) on the stand, and he’s going in. Proctor suggests that Donovan is the true FBI mole, and as a result, the Special Agent in Charge loses his cool. Silver informs Ghost that the prosecution will try and do the same thing to him during the trial. After Donovan’s colorful display, John pretty much knows the gun is a wrap for them and that they need a new angle to keep the case alive.

In Queens, Tommy makes the drop to Teresi’s people. He also gets the info that he needs on Roberto Seltetti. His presence rattles Teresi’s wife, Connie. She is no pushover and ailing or not; she wants to know what’s going on. Though Teresi’s friend tries to calm her down, I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll see of her. When Teresi’s friend speaks to him on the phone as Tommy leaves, he says, “It’s him.” Tommy has to be Teresi’s son.

Proctor, being the best attorney I’ve ever seen on TV, tracks down Greg’s Homeland Security friend Bailey (Lee Tergesen). Proctor tries to convince Bailey to testify on Ghost’s behalf. He says it will clear Greg’s name. Bailey has something even better for Proctor — a recording that could help Ghost’s case IF he turns on Tommy. Bailey agrees to meet Proctor at his apartment to share the audio with him.

In the meantime, Tommy shows up at Keisha’s shop, and they get it in. Keisha low-key tells Tommy that the St. Patrick’s have a daddy, but her son doesn’t. It’s an awkward moment, so I’ll move on quickly. Later, Proctor and Tommy meet up again. Tommy gives Proctor all the info he has on Teresi to pass on to Ghost. Proctor also tells Tommy about the meet up with Bailey (a terrible idea), and the more volatile man demands to be present. Proctor drops the info on Teresi off to Ghost and tells his client that whatever he’s going to do with it, he needs to be VERY careful.

At the twins’ school, Tasha approaches the headmistress to question her about the paparazzi outside of the school’s gates. Unfortunately, the headmistress has more pressing concerns. The St. Patrick’s tuition check just bounced, and the school wants their coins by the end of the week. In the midst of this, the FBI seizes both Truth and Keisha’s shop. With his mother distracted, Tariq slithers off to Kanan’s apartment.

Dre arrives to drop Kanan his coins and is horrified to see Tariq present. Both Kanan and Riq and unbothered. After smoking a joint and sipping on some purple drank, Riq ends up in the bedroom with one of the young girls. Let us pray the kids were at least safe.

Bailey meets Proctor at his apartment to let him hear the tape that implicates Tommy on Lobos’ murder. Where he doesn’t realize is that Tommy is waiting in the shadows listening. Tommy being Tommy pops out and stabs Bailey in cold blood. I can’t even and neither can Proctor. Tommy tells Proctor to destroy the tape and its copies. He also tells Proctor he’s an OK dude and that he’s pleased he didn’t have to kill him too. Keisha girl, run — this isn't what you want.

Later Ghost, Silver, and Proctor are pulled into an unexpected hearing. They believe it’s over Ghost’s assets, but they soon learn that the prosecution wants Proctor off the case. They argue that because he represented Tommy before he has a conflict of interest. They also know that Tommy and Proctor have been having secret meetings (Proctor could also be disbarred). Judge Tapper (Michael Gaston) agrees, but he also delivers a blow the Prosecution. Proctor is out, but so is the gun.

A defeated Proctor visits Ghost in jail to tell him what went down. They’re both pissed. Proctor warns Ghost — personal feelings aside that Silver is his only hope. Later, drunk as a skunk, Proctor rolls up on Angela at her apartment. She’s horrified, but he unleashes verbal lashing and declares that everything Ghost did he did for her. He continually says it’s not Ghost’s gun. Shaken by Proctor’s tirade, Angela revisits the surveillance of Ghost’s office, last accessed by Mike. She realizes he never had time to hide a gun. She now knows that Ghost is innocent.

Power airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Starz.


Aramide A Tinubu has her Master’s in Film Studies from Columbia University. She wrote her thesis on Black Girlhood and Parental Loss in Contemporary Black American Cinema. She’s a cinephile, bookworm, blogger, and NYU + Columbia University alum. You can read her blog at: www.chocolategirlinthecity.com or tweet her @midnightrami

by Aramide A. Tinubu on July 17th 2017
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