'Power' Season 4, Episode 8 recap: “It’s Done”
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'Power' Season 4, Episode 8 recap: “It’s Done”

After a night of sexing Tasha (Naturi Naughton), Silver (Brandon Victor Dixon) wakes up in his bed alone. As he turns over, he sees a note from Tasha saying that she had fun. Shortly thereafter he gets a call from his doorman saying that he has a visitor.

Walking toward his elevator, a barely dressed Silver greets (Ghost) who wants to know if Silver has any information about either themselves or Proctor (Jerry Ferrara) getting investigated. Silver tells him nah, but he’ll keep him up to speed if that changes. As Ghost turns to leave, he spots Tasha’s earring on the floor. Ghost definitely knows Silver is sexing his wife. (But he also has no room to say anything.)

At the warehouse, Tommy (Joseph Sikora) is pissed that he hasn’t heard back from the Hermanas and he tells Dre (Rotimi) that he needs to gear up for war. Tommy isn’t certain that this is the right thing to do, but he’s made his choice, so he’s going with it. Dre claims that he’ll let his runners know and that he backs Tommy one hundred percent. (Lies he tells.)

On the street, Saxe (Shane Johnson) is on his way to meet up with Angela (Lela Loren) and Donovan (Ty Jones) to continue piecing together their theory that Mike (David Fumero) is the mole. As he’s about to hail a cab, Mike runs up on Saxe extra paranoid to ask if John Mak (Sung Kang) has spoken to him separately about the investigation. Saxe brushes it off and hurries along to Angela’s place. Mike is on the verge of losing it.

At the penthouse, Keisha (La La Anthony) is trying to get Tasha’s attention, but Tasha is too busy thinking about the good good that she got from Silver. Just as Tasha is about to tell Keisha about her new boo, Raina (Donshea Hopkins) walks in to show her mom a brochure for a boarding school. Immediately, Tasha notices the bruise on her daughter’s arm. Raina covers for her brother and gets her mom to say she’ll consider the boarding school. Meanwhile, on the couch, Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) texts Brains telling him he wants in. (Ugh, I wish this boy would find some business.)

In Queens, Ghost meets up with Councilmen Rashad Tate (Larenz Tate) to learn more about Tate’s plans for the neighborhood. Unfortunately, Tate has invited along an unexpected guest, Dre. We learn that Tate is interested in building a neighborhood facility called Queens Tower, but to get it approved he must clear the Locos Toros off the streets. Ghost sees a hiccup his plan to help Tate when Dre tells him that Tommy is gearing up for war.

At Anglea’s, Saxe and Donovan have met up to discuss Mike. They know Mike tried to kill Donovan and that he’s the mole and Greg’s killer. Unfortunately, they don’t have any evidence to bring to Mak even after Angela reveals the phone that Ghost gave to her from the mole. They’re going to have to be more crafty to take down Mike.

Back in Queens, Tommy runs up on his mama at her house demanding answers about Toni Teresi (William Sadler) being his father. Kate (Patricia Kalember} insists that Teresi isn’t Tommy’s father and that his father is dead. As they’re talking, Tommy gets a note from Ghost to meet up, so he drops the subject with his mother for now, but he’s clearly not convinced that what she’s saying is true.

Later, Dre as the new distro rolls up on his people to tell them to prepare for war with the Hermanas. No one is about it, and they are all pissed that Tommy’s hot headed temper has backed them into a corner. As everyone exits, Cristobal (Matt Cedeño) lags behind the chat with Dre. They both agree that they didn’t realize Julio’s death (J.R. Ramirez) would lead to all of this, but they also agree to stay on the same page and a step ahead of Tommy.

Tommy and Ghost meet up, and Ghost asks his oldest friend why he’s going to declare war on the Hermanas, Tommy wants to know if Ghost knew about Teresi being his father. Ghost says he suspected as such, but he’s more concerned about the impending war. It’s not something his image could take right now, and he tries to relay to Tommy that there are other ways to get what he wants. In a huff, Tommy tells Ghost if you want to get things done your way then meet with the Hermanas yourself.

Later, Ghost jumps into Proctor’s car while he’s’ parked in front of his daughter’s school, He wants to know what Proctor said to Mak and if there is any chance any evidence surrounding Bailey’s (Lee Tergesen) disappearance. Proctor tells Ghost that he’s destroyed everything and Ghost apologize for his outburst saying he doesn’t know who to trust.

Still shaken by Teresi’s revelation, Tommy heads to the old man’s house to try and get more details. He chats briefly with Teresi’s wife Connie (Mercedes Ruehl) while the dup both try and pull info out of one another. While Connie’s in the kitchen getting a drink, Tommy steals a picture out of one of the old photo albums in the dining room cabinet. He excuses himself shortly after that

Ghost and Tommy meet up with the Hermanas siblings to try and stop the impending war and get what they feel they deserve after Julio’s death. Ghost tells them that he takes Julio’s death personally and they want access to the ports, new corners and their old territories back. Ghost tells the siblings that they have 24-hours to get back to them with an answer. Later, they tell Dre about the meeting, and of course, Dre is going to use that information to his advantage.

In the midst of Ghost and Tommy’s tension filled meeting, Saxe meets Mike at a bar. Saxe tells Mike that Angela and Donovan are investigating him as the mole. Saxe ain’t the brightest, but he isn’t this dumb — this has to be a setup.

Later Tommy in full panic mode, show Kate a picture of himself as a baby with Teresi. Kate finally confirms that Teresi is Tommy’s father, but she warns her son to stay away from him. She says Teresi is a terrible man. (But so is Tommy).

Angela gets a knock at her apartment door — surprise surprise it’s Mike. Angela lets the man in, offers him a beer and begins to unveil all of the evidence she and the team have on him as both Lobos’ inside man and Greg’s murderer. Mike cops to it all, not knowing that Donovan, Saxe and Mok are listening to it all from an FBI van outside. However, things take an interesting turn when Mike pulls his gun on Angela and declares that she isn’t all that innocent either. As he begins to rant, Angela pulls her wire and tells Mike he can get out of this before pulling her gun and shooting him in the shoulder. As the FBI runs in, Mike is on the floor with Anglea’s gun drawn on him. He’s taken into custody for his crimes.

In prison, Teresi gets an unexpected visitor — it’s Kate. In the most fearless and determined that I’ve ever seen the redhead she warns Teresi to stay away from her son or else she will tell his wife everything. Teresi tells her if she does she’s dead. However, mama Kate doesn’t back down.

Somewhere in Manhattan, Tariq is in a car with Brains and Big Country. They’re planning to rob another million dollar apartment. Tariq rolls up to the door like he’s selling candy before the men run in behind him knocking him and the white woman they’re gonna rob on their feet. The plan is, Riq is supposed to leave once they drag the white lady upstairs, but after seeing how violent they are and hearing the lady screaming, Tariq follows the trio up to the second level. He turns the corner horrified to see Big Country on top of the terrified woman, and he screams at Brains (by name) to tell the Big Country to stop. In retaliation, Brains kills the woman and Riq takes off running. I bet he wants to be a somebody’s boarding school now!

In an integration room, Mak wants Mike to talk. Mike says he’ll reveal everything but only if he gets immunity. He says if he doesn’t, everything in both his and Mok’s career will be questioned. Mak says he’ll consider it, but for now, Mike is to be moved to Federal prison.

Later, Angela enters Silver’s office to let him know the Feds have arrested Mike as the mole and Greg’s murderer. She asks that Silver tell Ghost and Proctor the news. Ms. Valdes is up to something. Almost immediately, Silver heads to the St. Patricks to tell them the good news. The investigation on Ghost will be officially closed. Ghost is positively gleeful and heads off to inform Simon Stern (Victor Garber) the news . (At least that’s what he says.) Meanwhile bold as ever, Silver and Tasha flirt and make plans for later.

At Truth, Proctor, Tommy and Ghost meet up to discuss Mike’s arrest. They all know that Mike gotta die, but they just need to figure out who they can trust to get rid of him. Their only option seems to be Teresi, but Ghost isn’t sure they can rely on him. They decide that he’s the only choice and Tommy calls his Daddy up. Teresi says it’s done no questions asked. This favor is going to come back with a vengeance.

In the midst of this, Dre and Cristobal have a secret meeting with the Hermanas behind Tommy and Ghost’s back. Dre promises that he can deliver all of Tommy’s organization without Tommy and he also promises to get the Hermanas products in hotels and nightclubs across the globe. Diego says they will give Ghost and Tommy what they want for now (the port access, streets and territory) but Dre must deliver on his promises. If he doesn’t, Deigo promises to kill Dre himself. The war is avoided for now.

In prison, Mike is visiting the infirmary getting his gun shot wound patched up. As he gazes at a picture of himself and his daughter, a doctor or someone dressed as a doctor slits his throat and leaves him bleeding out on the floor. (WELP)

On the outside, we see Proctor rolling up to a PO Box store. Obviously, he still has the laptop with the recording implicating Tommy and Ghost in Lobos’ killing, and he locks it up.

At the St. Patrick’s apartment, Ghost is having a drink with Councilman Tate. He’s managed to clean the streets for their new endeavor and Tate is impressed (Something is off with Tate, I don’t trust it.) As the two men chat, Tariq enters his father’s office and lies about where he’s been. The boy is shooketh, but he knows the game. He calmly asks his father about the boarding school that Raina mentioned to her mother earlier. Baby boy knows he’s not about the life and he needs a way out.

As the episode comes to a close, Saxe, Mak and Angela stand in the infirmary at the jail looking over Mike’s dead body. Saxe and Mak are befuddled, no one knew where Mike was besides them. As they exit, a smug Angela squats beside Mike’s body and says with a smirk, “That was for Greg.”

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