Preview British Girl Gang Revenge Thriller "SKET"
Photo Credit: S & A

Preview British Girl Gang Revenge Thriller "SKET"

It’s a British film called SKET and is described as a “girl gang retribution thriller,” and stars some of the UK’s young black talent, like Ashley Walters, Richie Campbell, Adelayo Adedayo, and Riann Steele.

The film centers on a young white woman who is cruelly attacked by a notorious gang (lead by a black dude, naturally), and the relentless efforts her teenage sister makes to avenge her. The younger sibling goes as far as joining a rival girl gang “led by the volatile and damaged man-hating Danielle.” (She’s white).

Sooo… what do we have here?

Is the story as simple as: white woman gets attacked by black gang and little sister joins white girl gang that hates men to avenge sister; or is there much more to the story.

Need to have more info, and there’s little available right now.

But I’m told the film will screen at the London Film Festival this fall, and that word on the street is that it’s actually a decent flick.

Stay tuned… our UK spies are on the job 🙂