Preview Doc That Explores How African Spirituality Influenced American Popular Culture ("The United States Of Hoodoo")
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Preview Doc That Explores How African Spirituality Influenced American Popular Culture ("The United States Of Hoodoo")


A documentary project I was alerted to this morning by the filmmaker, Oliver Hardt, who's based in Germany; the project, titled The United States Of Hoodoo, is a collaboration between him and New Haven-based writer Darius James, author of That's Blaxploitation!: Roots of the Baadasssss 'Tude (Rated X by an All-Whyte Jury) and Negrophobia, and who also appeared in Oliver's previous documentary Black Deutschland (a film about blacks in Germany).

Synopsis for the film follows:

The film's main character is African-American writer Darius James who is known for his often bitingly satirical and self-ironic texts on music, film and literature. The film's story begins when Darius´ world is turned inside out after his father´s death. Uprooted from his life in Berlin, he unwillingly returns to his childhood home. All that remains from his father is his mask collection and a cardboard box filled with ashes. His father had been a painter and sculptor, his work drawing deeply on manifestations of African-based spirituality. Yet while he lived he fiercely rejected any idea of being inspired by the old gods of Africa. Back in a house that is now his, but not quite, Darius finds himself confronted with many questions about his own life. In need of answers he sets off on a search, not for his roots but for traces of the spiritual energy that fueled and informed a whole culture. Darius´ journey begins in the urban intellectual milieu of New York City, then following the traces of popular Voodoo myths and legends to Mississippi and New Orleans. From there he moves on to Oakland, Seattle and Chicago. He immerses himself in the fabric of urban creativity where he encounters artists, musicians, writers, spiritual leaders and scholars. He finds out that the African gods have taken on new forms since their arrival on North America's shores. Their spirit now manifests itself in turn-table wizardry, improvisational skills and mind-blowing collages, performances, and rituals. He also finds out that an age old figure from the voodoo pantheon, a divine trickster who comes with many names, plays a major role in all of this.

Sounds intriguing… I'm in!

Oliver tells me that the film is scheduled for a theatrical release in Germany this summer, but no word on other territories yet.

I hope to check it out shortly for myself.

No trailer for it yet unfortunately; but you can stay abreast of the film's progress via its Facebook page HERE.

I want to read Darius James' books, because I haven't read either. Anyone have?

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