Pride And Paternity: 'Boomerang' Season 1 Episode 7 Recap
Photo Credit: Bryson (Tequan Richmond) and Simone (Tetona Jackson)try to get their minds off potentially devastating news in Boomerang episode 7 Photo BET Network.
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Pride And Paternity: 'Boomerang' Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

It’s all pretty steamy as Episode 7 of Boomerang opens with Bryson and Simone in the pool together. It’s an indoor pool with low lighting and very romantic. The two of them are looking much cozier than you might expect given how things ended in the last episode with Simone friend-zoning Bryson and running off to meet her ex’s friend. What happened between them in the interim? It’s still a mystery for now.

Anyway, they’re making out and Simone is just about to touch Bryson’s….heart…when he inexplicably stops her. She asks him what’s the matter. He reluctantly reveals that he told his mother about “them” (when did they become an official couple though?) and Mama Broyer warned him to “be careful.” Of course, Simone snaps to attention.

Bryson tells Simone that his mother told him there’s a chance that Marcus might be his father. Now, what in the name of Cersei and Jaime Lannister did Bryson’s mother mean by that!? This is no game though. It is a huge, libido dampening MAYBE for Simone and Bryson. Simone suggests that Bryson take a DNA test. It’s not clear how Bryson gets DNA for a comparison to his, but he does submit some biological material to the lab for testing. Now they have to wait for the results.

They move on to a desultory card game at Bryson’s place, each burdened by the prospect that they are in fact NOT meant to be together despite all chemistry that points to the contrary. Bryson politely asks why Simone is allowing Ari, whose talent leaves much to be desired, to make the video. He suggests his friend Shayan. Simone hesitates, pointing out that Shayan is white. He gently attempts corrects her, saying, “No, he’s Italian.”

The dynamic duo later head over to watch Ari shoot Tia’s music video for her song, “I’m Just Sayin’”. Tia, clad in a black bodycon, thigh high boots, and a Marilyn Monroe wig, sings her little heart out. She just might be hoping the singing will distract from the lackluster quality of the video Ari is shooting. Bryson and Simone look on in horror at the tragedy unfolding before their eyes (if not their ears). Simone steps in and before she has a chance to address Ari, Tia reassures her (loudly), “It’s okay for you to fire Ari right in front of me!” Ari sulks away from the two of them, his pride visibly bruised. When Simone then fills Tia in on what is going on between her and Bryson, Tia is not as sympathetic as one would expect. “Oh sh*t,” Tia shrieks. “You’ve been masturbating to your brother! God is gonna get you for that!”

The action then shifts to Piedmont Park, where the Pride celebration is in full swing. The kids are out in all their rainbow-colored fabulous-ness. Bryson’s  “Italian” videographer friend Shayan has apparently chosen the festivities as the backdrop to Tia’s video and she’s in the middle of everything trying to execute his creative vision. He doesn’t seem to have the technical issues with shooting that Ari had, but his creativity game isn’t exactly on point.

Bryson obsessively checks the app on his phone to see if the results of the DNA test came in as he, Simone, and Ari are all there watching from the video shoot sidelines. David and Crystal are also there, handing out religious pamphlets and letting people know that God also loves the LGBT community. David flirts with Crystal and it’s apparent he still really loves her, although it’s not as if he’s trying to rekindle their relationship. It’s a really sweet moment that deepens the mystery as to why exactly this beautiful couple divorced. Simone and Bryson aren’t the only ones with sizzling chemistry up in here!

In the midst of all the posing and death dropping, Bryson gives Ari some tough love. He tells Ari that basically, he isn’t working hard enough to be a good filmmaker. Ari pushes back, telling Bryson that although he doesn’t have the type of advantages, including support from his parents,  that other people have — and he’s doing just fine.

Bryson starts to spiral down as the day goes on and the test results still haven’t come in. He asks David if he thinks he and Simone “Look alike.” David doesn’t want to hear it. He rebukes Bryson for “Praying about sleeping with his sister.” He also reminds him that they are at Pride and “today isn’t about you and your cisgender needs.”

An old hookup buddy of Ari’s strolls up as Simone is telling him the same thing Bryson just did about becoming a better filmmaker. He needs to work harder. His old friend’s name is Jewel and she’s at Pride, she says, because of her “gay ass brother!” Well, Jewel and Ari quickly get into it when she refuses to believe that he is bisexual. She insists that basically he is gay and is in denial. Ari remains steadfast and defiant in the face of her biphobia and aggressive attempt at bi-erasure.

The time gap between last week’s college flashback episode and the present show Ari’s sexual awakening to now loudly and proudly declaring his bisexuality. When Jewel angrily stomps off, Ari is hit with inspiration and a concept for Tia’s video instantly comes together in his mind. He approaches Shayan with his video idea but Shayan, unfortunately, is being prideful in a bad way. Simone steps in and straightens Shayan out quickly. He falls in line and they make the video.

The audience watches the final video along with the cast as they congregate at Bryson’s place for an intimate screening. It’s beautiful and all the more so because viewers have been on the journey with Tia, Simone, and Bryson every step of the way. It’s been several episodes since we’ve heard the song and saw Simone’s efforts to bring everything together. It’s a beautiful message that affirms both the Black community, the queer community and all their various intersections.

After the screening is over and they are alone, Simone pushes Bryson to check the app again. The results are available. Marcus Graham is NOT the father of Bryson Broyer.  Woohoo! Thank the old gods and the new! They confess their love for each other and go on to (non-incestuously) show us just how happy they are to hear this news!



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