Queen Latifah Says a 'Living Single' Reboot Is in the Works (Maybe 'Girlfriends' Will Return as Well?)

Queen Latifah Says a 'Living Single' Reboot Is in the Works (Maybe 'Girlfriends' Will Return as Well?)


For as long as this site has existed, fan’s of bother shows have repeatedly wished for a reboot/revisit/film adaptation of the immensely popular TV series “Girlfriends” and “Living Single.” Of the 2, “Girlfriends” has probably seen a more decisive push, with creator Mara Brock Akil saying as recently as 2014, when asked about a potential “Girlfriends” flick: “I want it too. The thing is, whether the public cares or understands, there is a business component to all of this. I remain diligent with CBS Paramount, who owns the rights to ‘Girlfriends.’ I think if the fans want something to do, they can contact CBS Paramount and let them know that they want that movie, because I want to do it. They know I want to do it; I’m very open to it, but there is a business component so I still stay diligent in convincing them that this is a property that is worth thinking about giving the rights to. Let me be very clear, I haven’t been told no. So I guess the real answer is, I remain diligent in trying to get it done. I’m very happy that I did meet with the actors, and all the actors want to do it, last we spoke, so I think if the stars align, we’ll get the business component. Then the second part is you’ve got to go find the money and a studio who believes in that project, and then of course, writing that script, and getting it done. I think it would be great.”

Unfortunately, a “Girlfriends” movie continues to be something that fans can only wish for. That doesn’t mean that a film isn’t in development; but nothing has been made public at this time.

However, the other series, “Living Single,” may actually make its return before “Girlfriends” does, as Queen Latifah (who co-starred in and would later serve as a producer of the series) confirmed during an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” last night, that she’s working on a “Living Single” reboot.

A caller asked if guest Latifah has ever considered revival of the beloved ’90s sitcom; and Latifah replied: “Funny you should ask. We’re actually working on it,” adding, “It’s not there yet, but hopefully we can get it happening.”

She went on to say that “the goal” would be to get all of the original cast members to sign on to the reboot. So fans should hope that Kim Fields, Kim Coles, Erika Alexander, John Henton, and T.C. Carson are as excited about the idea as Queen Latifah seems to be.

As for on what network it will air, Latifah said, “We’re still figuring all that out.”

“Living Single”aired for five seasons on the Fox network from August 29, 1993, to January 1, 1998. The show centered on the lives of six friends who share personal and professional experiences while living in a Brooklyn brownstone. Throughout its run, “Living Single” became one of the most popular sitcoms with a black cast of its era, ranking among the top five in African American households during all five seasons (according to Nielsen). The series was produced by Yvette Lee Bowser’s company, Sister Lee, in association with Warner Bros. Television.

Quite frankly, if reboots of “Living Single” or “Girlfriends” were to happen, the current climate is probably as good as any to explore each possibility, given that our TV and movie screens are inundated with reboots/remakes/reimaginings/sequels/prequels/adaptations etc. Also worth considering is that studios and TV networks, facing intense scrutiny, seem more interested than ever in diversifying their portfolios.

Below, watch the clip from last night’s Andy Cohen show featuring Latifah talking about a “Living Single” reboot:

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