Rebranded Centric TV Launches 'From the Bottom Up' - New Docu-Series from Queen Latifah (Watch Promo)
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Rebranded Centric TV Launches 'From the Bottom Up' - New Docu-Series from Queen Latifah (Watch Promo)

"From the Bottom Up"The rebranded Centric, now self-described as the first network designed for Black women, has announced the launch of a new docu-series from Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit Entertainment shingle, titled "From the Bottom Up," which follows five high profile

women after a publicized fall from grace.

Starring Christine Beatty, Stacii Jae Johnson,

Chrystale Wilson, Sara Stokes and Kim Smeadly; the six part series will follow them on the long

road to redemption as they strive to change their lives, rebuild their families and live their

dreams. The series provides an unfettered view into their world and the organic chaos within

their individual lives, tackling real, raw, gritty, emotional and honest issues from women who are

smiling on the outside, but two minutes from dying on the inside. 

The series is directed by Stacey Muhammad (all 6 episodes) and executive produced by Queen Latifah, Shakim Compere, Nicci Gilbert, Luchia

Ashe, Yaneley Arty and Rene Garcia.

It premieres on Centric with a

simulcast on BET Networks on January 16 at 10 pm ET, followed by new episodes every

Saturday night on Centric.

Meet the cast:

– Christine Beatty

Christine Beatty was once the powerful and well respected Chief of Staff

for Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Christine resigned amid a political sex-

scandal and criminal charges of perjury. Her hardships have caused her

to relocate to Atlanta in hopes for a fresh start.

– Stacii Jae Johnson

Stacii Jae Johnson was one of the best political fundraisers in the city of

Atlanta. After being pulled over and arrested for DUI, her promising

career began to unravel. She plans to use her wits and connections to

navigate her way back to the top.

– Kim Smeadly

Kim Smedley was administering illegal butt-injection procedures from hotel

rooms across the United States and amassing a great deal of wealth and

notoriety. These activities ultimately landed her in federal prison. Now she

has written a tell-all book and seeks to rebuild herself in a new positive light

as a legit business owner.

– Sara Stokes 

Sara Stokes is known for being a part of Diddy’s group from “Making

The Band 2.” Sara has since struggled in her solo career and has

suffered from bouts of domestic violence in her personal life.

Recently released from prison, she is headed to Atlanta to work

on her music and get a fresh start.

– Chrystale Wilson

Chrystale Wilson is best known for her role in the movie “The Player’s

Club.” Chrystale has continued to try and work as an actress, but her

career hasn’t quite hit its stride. After years of personal struggle, she is

ready to find her place in the spotlight.

Watch a promo for the series below:

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